Friday, December 31, 2010

Now how did this get here????

What a way to end a year.  Nachos from Chuy's.  Nothing better in my book - Sam and Millie agree with me too!

Well, really, I was thinking about Christmas and wishing Kim could have stayed longer and brought Dave with her.  She's on the east coast and TexMex deprived most of the year so we always try to make sure she gets filled up with TexMex before she goes home.  I think she was full by the time she left.

And since I needed to stop by PetSmart (Millie & Sam got a gift card for Christmas) and Chuy's just happens to be right close - well just the next parking lot over - I might as well make good use of fuel and make stops along the way back home - right???  Well, I did it anyway.  Oh my.  Good.   Downed with a coke or two (refills don't count during the holidays just as calories don't count). ahhhhhhhhh

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas was fun for the cats.  They got to sleep, eat and nap in a quiet house all day.  They enjoyed their Christmas presents too and thank everyone for thinking about them!~

The only Christmas trees I put up anymore are the ones small enough to go somewhere where Sam or Millie can not jump up, play with nor destroy my glass ornaments.  So only 4 little trees were put up in safe places around the living & dining room and kitchen.  LOL.  They are so funny and curious when I bring out seasonal stuff.  Sam really doesn't like the snowman that is about 2.5 ft tall and lights up.  Normally he sits in front of the fireplace but I didn't bring him out this year.  I really miss not having Christmas at my house so there's not much reason to bring everything out.  

I got their new Beastie cat collars - they have some Christmas ones and some regular ones.  But I haven't put them on either of the cats yet.  Just in case you can't tell, the collar's on top belong to Millie.  Millie is doing fine even though Sam isn't wearing a bell right now.  She just watches and looks everywhere before she jumps on anything or goes prowling around the house.  Reminds me of a stalker but that's Sam's habit - he crouches down and you'd think he was in the trenches of dark mystery thriller about to grab the worst criminal in the world.

Yep - The Mouse with a bell on his tail IS on Millie's head!

Both Millie and Sam liked the little mice with bells on their tails they received for Christmas.  But Sam liked the fish better - I guess because they are larger and he can claw them better.  Millie likes to swat the mice around and sometimes I hold them up in the air so she can swat the mouse or try to catch the bell.  They are sooo funny to watch but I still think all play mice should be bright colors so I don't have heart failure when cleaning under the furniture and spot a mouse.  That is just NOT funny.

Sam with the Fish (to the right of his cheek)

They also got a gift card so I got a little nap bed for Sam.  He doesn't have one because he likes to sleep on the floor (or the couch or on my bed or in his cradle) but recently, he's been trying to get into one of Millie's beds (yes, she has multiples - 2 in the office and 1 in the bedroom - and yes again, she sleeps and plays on my bed too).  When I'm in the office, she uses the one under the desk by my feet.  So sweet.   Anyway, I keep trying to get Sam to get on his new bed..... well... so far there hasn't been much progress although he did walk across it once.  LOL.  He'd better get busy and claim it or Millie will have another napping spot!
Sam - that's the closest he gets to his new bed
Millie under the desk snoozing

Trying to Behave Before Christmas

Just look at these little angels!!  You would never expect them to behave badly....  HA!

Millie has her favorite mouse.  I find it all over the house as she doesn't put away her toys after she's finished playing with them.

Sam is just pretending to be the king of the house... quietly.
Now here's another side of Sam - he's trying to help me put up the snowflakes on the window over the front door.    He makes lots of noises once he's at the top of the ladder.  He thinks of the ladder as another Millie Watch perch.

Millie is helping in the kitchen.  She watches to make sure the dishwasher gets loaded and unloaded and that the sink is clean.  Sometimes she waits when I open the fridge door just in case I'm getting some milk.  If she's up on the counter, I have to be careful as she tries to put a paw through the back of the door.  I sure don't want to smash a paw.   Of course I have to wipe down the counters after she's been up there and I always assume she's been there since the last time.  Sometimes I leave treats up there to see if she sneaks up there when I'm not around.  She does.  One time when my brother was over, we looked and looked all over for her and I was worried she got out in the garage.... but my brother found her in her kitchen perch sunning her tummy.

It's a good thing they are mostly really good well behaved cats all year long.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little Cat Pleasures

It was sooo nice sitting on the couch with both cats beside me as they purred and purred and eventually put me to sleep.  And then the door bell rang.  It was the UPS man delivering Mom's Christmas present (chair for her counter that doesn't swivel and make her lose her balance).  I brought it in and decided to unbox it because Sam loves to play with boxes.

Mom's present was assembled with care - even though neither of the cats volunteered to help.  I'm assembling while Sam was investigating or napping in the box the rest of the evening.  I decided not to remove the box to the garage until the next day since Sam was having so much fun with the box and I knew Millie would play with it some as well. 

 Once the assembly was complete, Sam jumped up on the chair to claim it as his new throne - I didn't even try to tell him it wasn't staying at our house.  He used it off and on for the next few days as it enabled him to spy on Millie (as if he needed any extra help!)

So what did I find in the morning?  Styrofoam scattered all over the living room!  Now you ask, where did that come from?  Well, I forgot that Millie loves styrofoam and loves to tear it to shreds.  I heard her in the middle of the night but I thought the racket was from playing with the catnip rope thingy that hangs on one of the doors - she loves to play with that and wake me up.  So, yes, it was my own fault.  And boy is that stuff hard to clean up.  Later I even found a piece on the bed! It was on Sam's spot on my bed (yes he sleeps by me on the right side and Millie claims the whole left side of the bed) so now I'm beginning to wonder if Millie had some help or if Sam just 'happened' to walk by the mess and it clung to him.....hmmmmm.

  This doesn't show the big piece she drug out of the box and destroyed in the living room. She's not in the picture because she's like the stealth bomber - comes in quickly, unseen until it is too late - the damage is done.

Moral of the story:  Remove all styrofoam from the house IMMEDIATELY!  No matter how tired you are.... remove it!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Tale of the Missing Early Warning Alert System

Millie has an early warning alert system that lets her know that Sam is nearby.  Sam's collar has a bell, his city tag, his Operation Kindness tag and his pet chip tag.  Altogether, they make a nice jingle but it does get kinda confusing around Christmas with so many other jingles!

Sam's collar was removed the other day as he was laying beside me and I realized his collar was getting too tight (for me not for him).  He wears a very masculine leather collar to match his personality - with a household of girls, he deserves a tiny bit of masculinity don't you think?

At any rate, I didn't want it to become so tight that it left a ring around his neck.  Millie's collar had been so tight that when I got her, she had some sore spots that were still healing from when the shelter got her.  They both love it when that area under a collar or where the collar is supposed to be is rubbed - it's like catnip!  Lots of purring.

So now Sam is collarless AND Millie's early warning alert system is gone.  She can't hear his bell to warn her when he's trying to sneak up on her.   When she's on my bed, she can just watch for his tail like she always has.  But anywhere else - well - that's another story.  Of course she can hear him under the bed as he loves to play with the occasional hanging thread (so how do those appear out of nowhere?) or play with the sideboards or just play when I spot him hiding under the bed and tickle him.   And yes, I listen for him as well.

They've done well since the early warning alert system is gone so I guess I really didn't need to get up out of bed and order him a new collar.  It has been funny to watch Millie come into the room and double and triple check all hiding places before she moves on.   It's really entertaining to see Millie on 1 side of the couch and Sam on the other side both trying to determine what the other is about to do - otherwise, how else would you know where to pounce?

He's not getting another leather collar - they are really too stiff and I was getting a dog collar anyway (BUT DON"T tell him that!).  Sam doesn't like collars except to chew on them so that's why I switched to leather collars - otherwise, he was getting a new collar every few months. Stretchy stuff is too easy to stretch and chew. Hmmm, I wonder if that's really why they make cat collars stretchy - so you have to replace them all the time?  At any rate, removing and putting on a new collar take way too much energy and stress .... for me.

Sam and Millie don't go outside this time of year as I fear the pollen and mold and other stuff they will bring back with them into the house.

And lastly, but not leastly, they are both chipped.  But not through the same place, I think that is ridiculous and I didn't realize there were so many pet chipping companies that can't use the same equipment to read the chips.  But that's another tale for another day.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Picture Fun

It's that time of year!  Oh yes it is!  Christmas photos!!

First, the disclaimer:  no cats are injured or harmed in any way - usually it's me that gets a scratch or two.

Millie was great this year.  The first attempt was using a scarf with mittens but it was really too small  and that really wouldn't work well as Millie wouldn't have been able to show off her feminine side anyway.  She just sits sooo nice and calm (for a change) and lets me exchange the rugged scarf with mittens for something with more bling.  That's my girl!

Now for Sam.  I got a weeks worth of exercise in 10-15 minutes and I still don't have a decent picture.  Well, I do have lots of pictures of tails and blurry features while he tries to get to the bell on his Santa hat.  Then he jumps down and wriggles and wiggles all over the place.  I'll have to try to the Christmas collar after my rest.  If you look close enough, you'll see Millie watching Sam be silly... I heard a snicker or 2 from her.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Lure of Egg Nog

Here's the story - both cats can sense when I lift a bottle/carton of milk out of the fridge.  And both magically appear in the kitchen, looking up with those 'I never get any milk' expressions along with some verbal abuse (well I am assuming it is abuse because it sounds worse than whining').  In the past I have been known to relent and give them a tablespoon of milk but not very often - and  these cats develop habits with only 1 occurance of anything that meets what they perceive as in their best interest.

At any rate, I've been sick and the cats have mostly been ignoring me.  Or maybe they are still ignoring me because I had the audacity to leave them for a few days while I vacationed in California.  They still climbed up and slept in the bed with me after I got home - although that's the only acknowledgment I got (thank heavens for the cat nanny coming over every day and my brother and sister-in-law that came over to check on them and to play).

Back to the story:  I wanted some egg nog so I poured a mug when I knew they were both sound asleep on my bed.  I took it to the living room with me and enjoyed a few sips before I fell asleep on the couch - remember I am still sick and the antibiotics are strong.  I woke up when I felt one of the cats climbing on my arm.... sure enough it was Millie.  After climbing over my arm, Millie proceeded with care to the tv tray.  While I was pulling out the iphone (and trying not to laugh), she boldly stuck her head in the mug and drank.... then looked at me as if I was the offender...  took a second small sip, licked her face and left. 

Moral of the story:  Start storing it in the fridge in the garage.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Invisible Cats

While visiting in Santa Clarita CA recently, I found 100 invisible cats in my grand-nephews room.  I could hear them clearly at first but as Logan (he's 5) said, they are not comfortable around new people.  So it took a few days but I was finally able to see 98 of them.  Then Logan confirmed that the 99th invisible cat was really Rugby the dog.

Sadly, I never saw the last of the invisible cats.  I really think it was just too crowded and maybe I just miscounted.  Hopefully, next time, I will see ALL the invisible cats.

And fortunately for me, Kaelyn (we were there to celebrate her 4th birthday) didn't have any invisible anythings.  All the dolls and toys (and 1 lonely fluffy cat) were quite visible.  Lots of pretending going on but at least it was visible.  And the lonely fluffy cat is around because her dad doesn't like cats and her mom is allergic to them.  So Kaelyn pretended to be 'Kitty Millie' so I wouldn't miss Millie and Sam so much.  She couldn't convince Logan to be 'Kitty Sam' as he much preferred to be a lion or was that a tiger?

 Here's Sam making his thoughts clear about me leaving for vacation.  As soon as I pulled out the suitcase, he claimed his space... just in case I meant for him to tag along on the trip!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get away Mr Squirrel!!

Both Millie and Sam were diligently watching a squirrel.   It would walk around the top of the fence and occasionally it would climb down the fence and as soon as the kitties would start chattering, it would climb back up the fence.  Mr Squirrel got a lot of exercise that day.

This time, they watched Mr Squirrel for quite a while as I was puttering around the yard planting more snack food for Sam.  I noticed Millie jumped off the swing quickly and ran quietly over the bricks until she was near the gate.  She's a quiet huntress. Then I saw.... Mr Squirrel.  He tried to climb down the fence but Millie moved closer.  He decided not to tangle with the queen of the yard and ran up the fence, then slowly walked the top of the fence across the gate to the toof.  He was trying to move slowly so Millie didn't see him - silly squirrel - it must've been a male right?

So Mr Squirrel sits at the corner of the house on the roof.  Chattering.  All the while Millie is monitoring his movements.  I didn't feel like messing around with a splattered squirrel (he would not win the wrestle with Millie) so I threw rocks at him.  The first time I hit his tail and I was surprised that he didn't run.  I missed on the second throw but I got him with the third rock.  LOL.  He ran with lightning speed across the garage to the safety of the neighbors tree.  and stayed there.

Now, all's quiet in the yard and Millie goes back to work napping and sunning on the swing.

I wish she'd monitor Sam and keep him from snacking until the violas and pansies have established good root systems.

UPDATE:  Mr Squirrel is actually coming down the fence to steal nesting material from my hanging baskets.  I couldn't see it until I went to move some baskets to the garage during the cold weather. 

Working in the Garden is Hard -Snacks Required

Sam loves violas and pansies.  He thinks they are the best snacks.  Sometimes, I can barely get them planted before Sam comes along and eats the flowers.  As you can see, Sam was soooo hungry that he even pulls a viola out of the part right after I planted it and before I could water it!  He was right behind me the whole time.   He must be worried about a deep freeze killing all the pansies before he can eat them all.

Sam also likes to inspect the garden garbage.  I can't say anything because as the story is told, I used to inspect the garbage as a little kid...mmmm I liked bisquits even then.

Now before you think (or continue to think) that Millie is an angel - well, she does her fair share of damage.  She does prefer grass and tries to eat any strand of grass that is taller than the surrounding grass.  But she's more dainty about it.  She's just started to realize that viola's and pansies are a treat but that is only because she hangs around with a bad influence (and I'm not referring to her human either).

Here's Millie guarding the garden - or is she really just looking for something to eat?

And  in case you were wondering, violas and pansies are not harmful to the kitties.  After all, they like to chase and eat mice, rats, spiders and other disgusting critters.  And the grass isn't harmful either since their human only uses organics that are pet safe - spoiled rotten little kitties.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


No kitties were harmed while taking pictures.  Kitties wore their costumes for less than 60 seconds.  The only party injured was me.

Sam guarded the door again this year.  But he did stay near the door instead of running off when the kids got on the porch.  Millie snoozed through the whole thing and stayed on the couch.

Saw a great little devil, a cute elizabethian fancy dress, and the best was a taco.  That was hilarious.

These are old pictures but aren't the kitties cute?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Outdoor Fun

Millie and Sam are allowed outside exercise IF the weather is good enough for me to be out in the back yard.  And they are only allowed outside IF they are supervised by me.  You would think that they are desperate criminals escaping from a vile jail as they run out the door.  Sam hears the door being unlocked and is at the door in 2 seconds.  If Millie isn't asking to go out or happens to be by the door, I have to ask her if she would like to go outside (that is, after I find her) and most of the time she will come but sometimes she prefers to stay inside to finish her nap (not sure why since she naps just fine in the swing outside).

Millie mostly makes her way to the swing where she naps.  If she gets hot, she lays on the brick patio under the swing.  She does walk around and will also lay in the mulch.  Millie loves the crape myrtles and tries to bit them.  If she doesn't want to come back in, she growls or just ignores you.  Out comes the water hose, and usually, I just have to say 'water' and she runs back to the back door in a flash.  She learned her lesson very well.  But sometimes, she just decides to come back in and goes and waits by the door.

Sam usually comes back in fairly easily as he knows he'll get a treat when he gets inside.  Since I leave the door barely closed, he can get back (and out) on his own.  And he does.  He's all over the yard and found something this summer by the oleander so he hid near the base - he's hard to find when he's back in the garden somewhere.

They both come inside for water, food and to use the litter box.  I find that pretty funny.  Neither one likes to get their feet wet.  It's funny to watch them when the grass is wet.

That's Sam trying to eat my flowers.  His very favorite are pansies and violas.  He also watches the squirrel that sometimes runs down the fence.  When he gets tired or hot, he climbs into one of the wicker chairs to rest.  That is of course, after he's gone under every other piece of outdoor furniture on the patio  -  I can tell by all the stuff on his whiskers!

Here's Millie chasing a bug or a geiko.  She's the real hunter.  One summer when we had lots of birds around, Millie would lay on her back in the grass.  When the birds came down, she tried to grab them with paws.  I was laughing too hard to get a good picture.  She's a great stalker.  She actually got a baby bird that fell on the ground but she wasn't trying to bite it hard - I got her in the house and when I got back outside, the baby bird was gone.  

They don't bother me when I'm gardening.  But once they are back in the house, they get their treats.  And then they nap like they've never sleeped.  Nothing disturbs them either.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This blog is about my 2 cats:  Sam -the wonderous brave (more about that later..) lion of the house, and Millie - the girly girl that hides a lioness' prowess.   Both are from the same shelter - although I got them a few months apart.

Millie selected me first.  She had been sick with breathing issues and was confined to a cage as she had just returned from the doctor.  She was such a pretty kitty and stayed on my lap trying to get as much petting as possible.  She was about 5 and her prior owner was an elderly lady that had to go to a nursing home.  Millie is gentle and very ladylike.  She walks gracefully and talks softly although she can bite and swing those paws.  Her front claws are gone but you don't want to be in the way of her back claws when they come out.   Millie likes to check out what you are eating and will not hesitate to attempt to get some.  She's been known to stuff her face in a glass in an attempt to 'share' some iced tea.

Sam joined the family a few months later.  He was too rambunctous for a previous family and he was about a year old when he came to stay.  He had also just been to the doctor for his front paw as it was all spread out and they were afraid someone stepped on it.  It wasn't broken and I think it's just the way he stretches his paws sometimes.  He loves to play.  He wears my brother out when he comes over.  My brother pretends that he doesn't like cats.  Sam is the lion of the house and watches carefully when someone comes up the front sidewalk - as soon as they reach the front porch - he's off to hide somewhere for about a minute.  He's very curious and friendly.  He loves to sniff peoples shoes.  Sam also enjoys watching me in the kitchen and has been known to watch so close that I step on his tail.