Friday, November 19, 2010

Invisible Cats

While visiting in Santa Clarita CA recently, I found 100 invisible cats in my grand-nephews room.  I could hear them clearly at first but as Logan (he's 5) said, they are not comfortable around new people.  So it took a few days but I was finally able to see 98 of them.  Then Logan confirmed that the 99th invisible cat was really Rugby the dog.

Sadly, I never saw the last of the invisible cats.  I really think it was just too crowded and maybe I just miscounted.  Hopefully, next time, I will see ALL the invisible cats.

And fortunately for me, Kaelyn (we were there to celebrate her 4th birthday) didn't have any invisible anythings.  All the dolls and toys (and 1 lonely fluffy cat) were quite visible.  Lots of pretending going on but at least it was visible.  And the lonely fluffy cat is around because her dad doesn't like cats and her mom is allergic to them.  So Kaelyn pretended to be 'Kitty Millie' so I wouldn't miss Millie and Sam so much.  She couldn't convince Logan to be 'Kitty Sam' as he much preferred to be a lion or was that a tiger?

 Here's Sam making his thoughts clear about me leaving for vacation.  As soon as I pulled out the suitcase, he claimed his space... just in case I meant for him to tag along on the trip!

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