Monday, November 28, 2011

Sam has Diabetes

Sam went in this morning for 2 days of treatment and a urine test.  Sam wouldn't let them put in a catheter.  period.  no surprise.  They couldn't take his glucose reading from blood either.  They didn't want to give him anesthesia again because getting riled up and pissed just makes the glucose count rise.  So they had me come pick him up.

Millie and I planned an all girl pajama party tonight but we are happy to cancel.  She was a little lost without someone to tease and growl at and rule her little world (yep, it's a given that she's got me wrapped around her little paw).

Sam is on a diabetic diet (Millie is on the same diet by default).  I take him back in January (they get their annual shots then anyway) and the vet will try to take blood again.  If he is still losing weight, then there isn't anything else to try because they can't get good glucose readings.  They have insulin pills just like for humans but they can't give a correct dose if they can't test the glucose not to mention that the effectiveness of the insulation pills is very low.  Low insulin is just as deadly as high insulin.  Sam's kidneys are ok for now and he isn't showing signs of dehydration but some of the minerals and other things in the blood are really low. 

But the long term outlook doesn't look very good right now.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Kitty Troubles & Thanksgiving Snoozes & Black Friday Traffic

Sam is sick and has lost about 10 lbs in the past 2 months.  Sam is a Texas sized kitty - Native Texan of course - he wasn't fat just 'tall'.   He went to the vet early Wed morning and had a blood test - they had to knock him out to get the blood - Sam wasn't and never has been a sweet lovable kitty at the vet's office. The vet best be getting in touch with me SOON!

Millie and Sam both have been snoozing in the living room with me in the afternoons instead of their usual places.  Although on Tuesday I found Sam under my bed several times during the day (very unusual for him).  And with one on the couch and the other curled up on the ottoman, I felt like eyes were watching me all day today - and they were -  all 4 eyes.  Maybe they know the next earthquake is about to rattle our house - I have to laugh because I haven't felt one yet and we've had a few minor ones here in north Texas (or so 'they' claim). 

They both had fun with the furrmenator Thanksgiving evening after I got home from a nice family Thanksgiving dinner.  Traveling an hour isn't bad at all.  I sure enjoy my kitty family.

Today was a lazy day on purpose.  I had to prepare myself mentally and emotionally before I braved the Black Friday traffic this morning while waiting on the vet to call.  But I needed - well not me exactly - kitty litter.   So I got a few Christmas treats while I was there and then around 9:30am, it started getting crowded so I left quickly (yes I paid first).  Feeling brave, I made a small detour to the Allen Antique Mall to browse and stroll a bit.  That was nice but then they started getting busy too so I fled to the safety of my house to watch my kitties nap some more.  And wait on the vet to call with results - I think they are getting tired of me calling BUT they did say they'd call early Friday and now it is late Friday and no word from the vet.  sigh

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Ready for the Holidays

One of Millie's favorite pillows is her Christmas toy.  It has ribbons and a bell on it.  But a few nights ago was the first time I saw her moving the pillow so it was under her head.  She slepts on it at night but I didn't realize she was moving it around like I do!

Eggnog is sooo good (yes we drink the low fat kind)... Sam came around the back of the couch, down the arm of the couch and got a lick before I even knew he was there - I was watching tv.  See what happens around here when you don't pay enough attention!
It was also a good thing I was done!

Now you know why I have to hide when I'm drinking milk and eating yogurt.   And baking in the kitchen with milk is pretty tricky too!  It can get really noisy in here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Healthy Eating

Now you know that the kitties love their milk.  In fact, they love it so much that they can awaken from a dead sleep to run to the kitchen just in case they can cajole and/or whine until I give them a teaspoon of milk.  Usually I try to be very quiet and hide milk but it usually doesn't work.  And, they usually don't get any but they never give up trying.

Sam came to sit on my lap because I had yogurt.  He kept moving his paw like he wanted to take the spoon.  Funny. 

 Look at that contented face! He sneaked some after I was done.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Autumn Fun & Frolic

Millie watches birds drink from the birdbath so she wants to try it too!  She did but got down quickly when she found it dry.

Sam still guarding the yard in case another rat comes back.

Millie checks out the roses blooming now that it isn't so darn hot!
Watching a bird go back and forth from the oleander to the fence.  It finally flew away.