Friday, December 31, 2010

Trying to Behave Before Christmas

Just look at these little angels!!  You would never expect them to behave badly....  HA!

Millie has her favorite mouse.  I find it all over the house as she doesn't put away her toys after she's finished playing with them.

Sam is just pretending to be the king of the house... quietly.
Now here's another side of Sam - he's trying to help me put up the snowflakes on the window over the front door.    He makes lots of noises once he's at the top of the ladder.  He thinks of the ladder as another Millie Watch perch.

Millie is helping in the kitchen.  She watches to make sure the dishwasher gets loaded and unloaded and that the sink is clean.  Sometimes she waits when I open the fridge door just in case I'm getting some milk.  If she's up on the counter, I have to be careful as she tries to put a paw through the back of the door.  I sure don't want to smash a paw.   Of course I have to wipe down the counters after she's been up there and I always assume she's been there since the last time.  Sometimes I leave treats up there to see if she sneaks up there when I'm not around.  She does.  One time when my brother was over, we looked and looked all over for her and I was worried she got out in the garage.... but my brother found her in her kitchen perch sunning her tummy.

It's a good thing they are mostly really good well behaved cats all year long.

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