Sunday, September 29, 2013


Mom was happy this morning.  She went to let the sun shine in this morning and guess what she found?  Sam's collar that she's been looking for.  Mom looked so long that she ordered a new collar with a bigger bell and he's been wearing that new one for a couple of months.  Mom and I don't like the new collar because the bell doesn't hit the kitty tag and make noise. 

So Mom has problems since Sam won't let her walk by herself and she almost trips over him all the time.  Sam tries to play with me and I can't hear him coming either.  Sam doesn't realize what a lady I am and while I like to use my 'come hither' look and make him chase me, he isn't supposed to wrestle with me!

When she opened the big window by my napping cushion, she found Sam's old collar.  I told her he was wrestling with me too much but she thought I was just complaining again.  

So now Sam's wearing the old collar with the kitty tags and the bell.  He loves to wear his collar - it's the only time he sits still for Mom and he hollers when she takes off his collar.  Well, he sits still when he gets his shot but that's cause Mom puts food right in his face so he will stay still.

Silly boy.

Yours truly, Millie, the sweetest, gentlest, beloved, and gorgeous kitty

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bunny Exercise

 Mom made us exercise this morning.  Just cause she has to exercise her new knee shouldn't mean we have to exercise too!
  She even made a bunny get in the back yard to exercise with us!  We chased it around the yard.  We had to rest in between the runs.  
Then the bunny got tired of exercising too.  It ran away and left us to exercise by ourselves.
I'm tired.  Too tired to type any more.

Millie the pooped but lovely kitty

Monday, September 2, 2013

it's HOT out there!

Mom lets us go outside with her sometimes.  It's the back yard.  But it has been so hot we come back inside.  
 Sam tried to get my spot on the swing.

 Sam conked out when we came inside.  That's how I like him the best!  Asleep.  Sound asleep.  Mom came back inside and he didn't even wake up.

Well, that is all for now.  Mom says it is Labor Day and she gets to stay home and play with us again.  

Millie, the most glamorous and beautiful kitty