Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Picture Fun

It's that time of year!  Oh yes it is!  Christmas photos!!

First, the disclaimer:  no cats are injured or harmed in any way - usually it's me that gets a scratch or two.

Millie was great this year.  The first attempt was using a scarf with mittens but it was really too small  and that really wouldn't work well as Millie wouldn't have been able to show off her feminine side anyway.  She just sits sooo nice and calm (for a change) and lets me exchange the rugged scarf with mittens for something with more bling.  That's my girl!

Now for Sam.  I got a weeks worth of exercise in 10-15 minutes and I still don't have a decent picture.  Well, I do have lots of pictures of tails and blurry features while he tries to get to the bell on his Santa hat.  Then he jumps down and wriggles and wiggles all over the place.  I'll have to try to the Christmas collar after my rest.  If you look close enough, you'll see Millie watching Sam be silly... I heard a snicker or 2 from her.

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