Thursday, October 21, 2010


This blog is about my 2 cats:  Sam -the wonderous brave (more about that later..) lion of the house, and Millie - the girly girl that hides a lioness' prowess.   Both are from the same shelter - although I got them a few months apart.

Millie selected me first.  She had been sick with breathing issues and was confined to a cage as she had just returned from the doctor.  She was such a pretty kitty and stayed on my lap trying to get as much petting as possible.  She was about 5 and her prior owner was an elderly lady that had to go to a nursing home.  Millie is gentle and very ladylike.  She walks gracefully and talks softly although she can bite and swing those paws.  Her front claws are gone but you don't want to be in the way of her back claws when they come out.   Millie likes to check out what you are eating and will not hesitate to attempt to get some.  She's been known to stuff her face in a glass in an attempt to 'share' some iced tea.

Sam joined the family a few months later.  He was too rambunctous for a previous family and he was about a year old when he came to stay.  He had also just been to the doctor for his front paw as it was all spread out and they were afraid someone stepped on it.  It wasn't broken and I think it's just the way he stretches his paws sometimes.  He loves to play.  He wears my brother out when he comes over.  My brother pretends that he doesn't like cats.  Sam is the lion of the house and watches carefully when someone comes up the front sidewalk - as soon as they reach the front porch - he's off to hide somewhere for about a minute.  He's very curious and friendly.  He loves to sniff peoples shoes.  Sam also enjoys watching me in the kitchen and has been known to watch so close that I step on his tail.

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