Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Lure of Egg Nog

Here's the story - both cats can sense when I lift a bottle/carton of milk out of the fridge.  And both magically appear in the kitchen, looking up with those 'I never get any milk' expressions along with some verbal abuse (well I am assuming it is abuse because it sounds worse than whining').  In the past I have been known to relent and give them a tablespoon of milk but not very often - and  these cats develop habits with only 1 occurance of anything that meets what they perceive as in their best interest.

At any rate, I've been sick and the cats have mostly been ignoring me.  Or maybe they are still ignoring me because I had the audacity to leave them for a few days while I vacationed in California.  They still climbed up and slept in the bed with me after I got home - although that's the only acknowledgment I got (thank heavens for the cat nanny coming over every day and my brother and sister-in-law that came over to check on them and to play).

Back to the story:  I wanted some egg nog so I poured a mug when I knew they were both sound asleep on my bed.  I took it to the living room with me and enjoyed a few sips before I fell asleep on the couch - remember I am still sick and the antibiotics are strong.  I woke up when I felt one of the cats climbing on my arm.... sure enough it was Millie.  After climbing over my arm, Millie proceeded with care to the tv tray.  While I was pulling out the iphone (and trying not to laugh), she boldly stuck her head in the mug and drank.... then looked at me as if I was the offender...  took a second small sip, licked her face and left. 

Moral of the story:  Start storing it in the fridge in the garage.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Invisible Cats

While visiting in Santa Clarita CA recently, I found 100 invisible cats in my grand-nephews room.  I could hear them clearly at first but as Logan (he's 5) said, they are not comfortable around new people.  So it took a few days but I was finally able to see 98 of them.  Then Logan confirmed that the 99th invisible cat was really Rugby the dog.

Sadly, I never saw the last of the invisible cats.  I really think it was just too crowded and maybe I just miscounted.  Hopefully, next time, I will see ALL the invisible cats.

And fortunately for me, Kaelyn (we were there to celebrate her 4th birthday) didn't have any invisible anythings.  All the dolls and toys (and 1 lonely fluffy cat) were quite visible.  Lots of pretending going on but at least it was visible.  And the lonely fluffy cat is around because her dad doesn't like cats and her mom is allergic to them.  So Kaelyn pretended to be 'Kitty Millie' so I wouldn't miss Millie and Sam so much.  She couldn't convince Logan to be 'Kitty Sam' as he much preferred to be a lion or was that a tiger?

 Here's Sam making his thoughts clear about me leaving for vacation.  As soon as I pulled out the suitcase, he claimed his space... just in case I meant for him to tag along on the trip!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get away Mr Squirrel!!

Both Millie and Sam were diligently watching a squirrel.   It would walk around the top of the fence and occasionally it would climb down the fence and as soon as the kitties would start chattering, it would climb back up the fence.  Mr Squirrel got a lot of exercise that day.

This time, they watched Mr Squirrel for quite a while as I was puttering around the yard planting more snack food for Sam.  I noticed Millie jumped off the swing quickly and ran quietly over the bricks until she was near the gate.  She's a quiet huntress. Then I saw.... Mr Squirrel.  He tried to climb down the fence but Millie moved closer.  He decided not to tangle with the queen of the yard and ran up the fence, then slowly walked the top of the fence across the gate to the toof.  He was trying to move slowly so Millie didn't see him - silly squirrel - it must've been a male right?

So Mr Squirrel sits at the corner of the house on the roof.  Chattering.  All the while Millie is monitoring his movements.  I didn't feel like messing around with a splattered squirrel (he would not win the wrestle with Millie) so I threw rocks at him.  The first time I hit his tail and I was surprised that he didn't run.  I missed on the second throw but I got him with the third rock.  LOL.  He ran with lightning speed across the garage to the safety of the neighbors tree.  and stayed there.

Now, all's quiet in the yard and Millie goes back to work napping and sunning on the swing.

I wish she'd monitor Sam and keep him from snacking until the violas and pansies have established good root systems.

UPDATE:  Mr Squirrel is actually coming down the fence to steal nesting material from my hanging baskets.  I couldn't see it until I went to move some baskets to the garage during the cold weather. 

Working in the Garden is Hard -Snacks Required

Sam loves violas and pansies.  He thinks they are the best snacks.  Sometimes, I can barely get them planted before Sam comes along and eats the flowers.  As you can see, Sam was soooo hungry that he even pulls a viola out of the part right after I planted it and before I could water it!  He was right behind me the whole time.   He must be worried about a deep freeze killing all the pansies before he can eat them all.

Sam also likes to inspect the garden garbage.  I can't say anything because as the story is told, I used to inspect the garbage as a little kid...mmmm I liked bisquits even then.

Now before you think (or continue to think) that Millie is an angel - well, she does her fair share of damage.  She does prefer grass and tries to eat any strand of grass that is taller than the surrounding grass.  But she's more dainty about it.  She's just started to realize that viola's and pansies are a treat but that is only because she hangs around with a bad influence (and I'm not referring to her human either).

Here's Millie guarding the garden - or is she really just looking for something to eat?

And  in case you were wondering, violas and pansies are not harmful to the kitties.  After all, they like to chase and eat mice, rats, spiders and other disgusting critters.  And the grass isn't harmful either since their human only uses organics that are pet safe - spoiled rotten little kitties.