Friday, December 31, 2010

Now how did this get here????

What a way to end a year.  Nachos from Chuy's.  Nothing better in my book - Sam and Millie agree with me too!

Well, really, I was thinking about Christmas and wishing Kim could have stayed longer and brought Dave with her.  She's on the east coast and TexMex deprived most of the year so we always try to make sure she gets filled up with TexMex before she goes home.  I think she was full by the time she left.

And since I needed to stop by PetSmart (Millie & Sam got a gift card for Christmas) and Chuy's just happens to be right close - well just the next parking lot over - I might as well make good use of fuel and make stops along the way back home - right???  Well, I did it anyway.  Oh my.  Good.   Downed with a coke or two (refills don't count during the holidays just as calories don't count). ahhhhhhhhh

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