Friday, March 30, 2012

Ma'am Did You Know You Were Speeding?

Well, of course I did.  I was driving in the area on the highway service road after coming off 45 minutes of driving 70 (yes the speed limit was 70).  It takes a few moments to slow down without slamming on the brakes right?   

Well, the funny thing is that with his laser, he caught me before I saw him and slowed down.  He showed me how far away the laser goes accurately (yes, I asked so I know -- no no not for next time either). 

He was very nice.  And of course, my license, insurance and car tag license and VIN were all scanned and the ticket was a very nice l.o.n.g printed out ticket with all kinds of instructions.  Lucky me, there was room for 6 violations but I just got 1.  ONE.  

So after finishing errands (yes, had to get cat food again), I went home and looked up the damage to my checkbook online.  As it turns out, the courthouse in Plano was not far away and they were open until 4:30.  So after printing off the deferred adjudication paperwork, off I went.  Hey, might as well get it over with, right?

Well, not only is the courthouse hard to find, I set off the security scanner.  Boy, did the security people come alive quickly!  And I said ' Oh that can't be good! and they said 'No it isn't'.  So as I turned around and extended my arms I remembered my elbow.  So I asked him (very politely) to check my left elbow near the scar as it is a titanium replacement.   That was it.  That set off the hand-held beeper.  And they told me it was a good thing because otherwise there was all kinds of paperwork to fill out.   Good grief.  I can go through airport security but at Lowe's (at Christmas time) and the Plano Courthouse, I set off the alarms.  

Oh but that isn't the end of the story.  My ticket wasn't in the system yet.  The clerk said sometimes it takes 24 hours before it shows up in their system.  Oh come on now.  If I got stopped 5 minutes after getting my ticket, the next officer would have known and probably would have given me a bunch of tickets (ok well maybe 6 citations on one ticket?).  Now that really made me mad.  It doesn't say that on the ticket, nor does the web site mention that little tiny detail.   Anyway, about the time I was ready to explode, she giggled and said, wait, he's entering them now.  If you wait about 10 minutes, it will transfer from his system to ours.  Well, gee whiz, no brainer, I waited.  

Now I won't bore you with all the funny things I saw while I was waiting.  LOL  but let me say there is plenty of free entertainment.  Anyway, they called me up to the front (and made the people in line mad but hey, I'd been waiting longer, I just wasn't in line (at their request)). 

So now, the ticket is paid, a compliment entered in the Plano PD web site (yes, they actually have a place for compliments!), my checkbook is hurting, and as long as I don't get another ticket in the US, this ticket will disappear into the mighty big data bank.  And, no, even though they say it won't show up, I don't believe that is true.  

Until the next adventure,  enjoy the weather!  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sam's In Trouble.....Again

The little rascal is escaping again.  The a/c heat people were out yesterday for the bi-annual checkup (it's my nephew's best friend - they grew up together so I've know him since they were both kids).  When they go up into the attic, I fold up the attic stairs so Sam doesn't jump up and try to get in the attic...again.  When he did that several years ago, I panicked as he freaked out and squished his little body back in the small part of the attic near the outside wall.  It took 30 minutes and lots of treats and even me going up there (shudder...sneeze!) and finally being able to grab him as he was howling and scared.  When the guys want to come back down, they let me know and I let the stairs down.  I usually can't herd him into another room and shut the door when there's something going on at the house.  

So as they were leaving and we were chit-chatting about his daughter (she's 2), Sam escapes between my legs and runs like the wind.  He goes down and gets under the truck (why do they do that?  does he think it's like a safe place?).  Anyway, the guys watch him so he doesn't escape farther (there are some mighty big dogs around) while I go get some treats.  When I dash back outside, Sam moved and was now under their van.  Treats worked.  Whew!

Where was Millie during all this disruption?  She was watching from the couch.  In fact, Blake mentioned he'd never seen her before (well, that's because she usually goes and hides). 

So later, I go get the mail, and he escapes again.  Darn it!  He usually never tries to go out the front door.  So I manage to get him - I was afraid if I went to get treats, he would disappear.  He's in sooo much trouble.

And Miss Millie?  Oh yes, she was watching and snickering from the couch again. 

Then this morning I was taking out the garbage and when I was coming back in and while the garage door is almost down, Sam escapes and gets out before the door shuts.  I swear it took forever for the garage door to raise so I could chase him.  Scared as I was, he was just walking under my SUV checking out the world.  I was really afraid the dogs next door (there are always rescue dogs there waiting for their new home and they are my alarm system) would start barking like crazy and Sam would get even more scared.  He and Millie don't like it when the dogs bark and they are safe in the back yard.  

This time, Millie was sound asleep and the noise did not interrupt her morning snooze.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wiggle Nose

  Hi.  My name is Millie and I am writing today.  Sam thinks he's the special one because he gets a lot of attention but really! He is in TROUBLE all the time. 
Mom has to tackle him for the bloodletting ceremony.  She stabs his ears 3 times a day.  Mom gives him a little snack first but sometimes he escapes anyway.  I'm the good one.  

 When Mom gives me my special food, I eat it.  Course I make her turn the bowl around sometimes so the food is easier to reach and sometimes, I get in some good long pats.  I let her pet my tail when I take a short break from eating.  She sits by me so Sam doesn't come steal my food.  He tries all the time.

Mom laughs when his nose starts wiggling.  He raises his head and turns it until he finds the source of food.  Sometimes, it is Mom's food that he wants.  He loves it when she gets a burger cause he thinks the sack smells good and he thinks he may get a fry (she's picky about her fries so most of the time, she throws them away). 

I allow Mom to walk around the house without following her around like Sam does.  She tripped over him a few times because he wants his food N-O-W.  She's a good mom and doesn't get into too much trouble.  And she lets us go outside sometimes when she works in the back yard.  

It's Sam's fault that I gained weight and now I can't run away from him fast enough all the time.  So Mom hollers at him when he tries to wrestle me to show me he's the boss.  He is wrong...Mom is the boss.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lazy Days

It's been raining and the cats are stuck inside.  They've indicated (more than once) that going outside might give them a great deal of is just too wet.  

Then they complain about wet feet.
So they have to hold their horses for a bit longer!