Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Meowy Christmas

Mama said she would be on vacation all week.  But her grand-nephew came on Monday so she's over there playing with him instead of us.  sigh.  How come we don't get a vacation?

She said Jack has feet like ours cause he doesn't like shoes and socks either.  He's learning to talk and mimics everything.  Mama says she has to spend so much time with him cause he's not around Texans very much and needs to learn his heritage - what ever that is.  Guess me and Millie already gots lots of that!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year cause me and Millie are gonna.  And we're gonna make sure that Mom does too!

Sam - the one that gets blamed for everything...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

  psssst!  Sam is grumpy cause Mom is going to abandon us tomorrow and we won't get to smell the turkey cooking and sneak a piece or three....

Millie, who is always thankful

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Catnippity Nip

Mom's brother brought a present from his house.  Debbie (she's a doggie mom and we love Debbie and Roy) made us some special cat catnip toys.
Sam was just downright silly, huggin and squizzen and loving on his and licking and licking and licking and licking it until I was about ready to smack him.  Then he would throw his new catnippity toy on me and Mom would pretend to rescue it for him.
Silly boy.
Maybe it is the fall back in time that Mom talks about that makes Sam so silly.  Her alarm is off by an hour and she had the nerve to sleep an extra hour.  I try to wake up her lazy butt and feed us! I'd tell on her but there's no one else to tell... except Sam and he spoils her rotten!
Bye now, take care and stay out of trouble!
Millie, the ever kind-hearted and social queen of the house.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dog Gone It!

 Oh no!  Mom went to look at a d.o.g yesterday.  She claims she's doing it for her brother.  She'd better be cause we chase dogs away!   Well, if they are family, we only chase them a little ... snicker snicker.  She did find me a new bed and we got some Halloween toys too!
 Mom says Paxton is cute and has soft hair.  Hey, I have soft hair that needs to be petted right now!  grumble Sometimes Sam plays too hard and my hair gets on the floor and Mom doesn't like it.
But Mom and her friend let us help them outside yesterday.  It was hot and they didn't any any luck cause we were busy checking the back yard for bunnies and it got so hot we waited at the back door to get inside.  They are trying to make shade and they made a mess.  They are good at that too!
Then Mom ran off to see her sister and brother-in-law cause they had Maddie with them.  Maddie is one of their new grand-kids.  She likes me.  Mom gave Maddie and her brother and sister pictures of Sam and I in our Halloween costumes.  Mom gave Maddie a box of Halloween goodies to share with Elijah and Emma.   Maddie has a bunny pet named Princess Fluffybutt (or something like that - hard to tell cause Mom giggled when she told us)  - sure glad Mom didn't let Maddie name me!
Gotta go snooze in my new bed.
Millie, the pretty Texan gal with really soft hair and a goofy brother

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Mom was happy this morning.  She went to let the sun shine in this morning and guess what she found?  Sam's collar that she's been looking for.  Mom looked so long that she ordered a new collar with a bigger bell and he's been wearing that new one for a couple of months.  Mom and I don't like the new collar because the bell doesn't hit the kitty tag and make noise. 

So Mom has problems since Sam won't let her walk by herself and she almost trips over him all the time.  Sam tries to play with me and I can't hear him coming either.  Sam doesn't realize what a lady I am and while I like to use my 'come hither' look and make him chase me, he isn't supposed to wrestle with me!

When she opened the big window by my napping cushion, she found Sam's old collar.  I told her he was wrestling with me too much but she thought I was just complaining again.  

So now Sam's wearing the old collar with the kitty tags and the bell.  He loves to wear his collar - it's the only time he sits still for Mom and he hollers when she takes off his collar.  Well, he sits still when he gets his shot but that's cause Mom puts food right in his face so he will stay still.

Silly boy.

Yours truly, Millie, the sweetest, gentlest, beloved, and gorgeous kitty

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bunny Exercise

 Mom made us exercise this morning.  Just cause she has to exercise her new knee shouldn't mean we have to exercise too!
  She even made a bunny get in the back yard to exercise with us!  We chased it around the yard.  We had to rest in between the runs.  
Then the bunny got tired of exercising too.  It ran away and left us to exercise by ourselves.
I'm tired.  Too tired to type any more.

Millie the pooped but lovely kitty

Monday, September 2, 2013

it's HOT out there!

Mom lets us go outside with her sometimes.  It's the back yard.  But it has been so hot we come back inside.  
 Sam tried to get my spot on the swing.

 Sam conked out when we came inside.  That's how I like him the best!  Asleep.  Sound asleep.  Mom came back inside and he didn't even wake up.

Well, that is all for now.  Mom says it is Labor Day and she gets to stay home and play with us again.  

Millie, the most glamorous and beautiful kitty

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Snooze time

Mom says a lady doesn't nap like this but I don't care cause no one sees me nap like this.  Besides, I am prepared in case Sam gets on my couch.   Sam doesn't get up on this couch cause I'd be really mad and so would Mom.

Sam naps on top of the chair if Mom is sitting there.  Or sometimes he gets in the bathtub.  He doesn't know a bathtub sometimes gets full of water!
It's Caturday so Mom plays with us more on Caturday and I have to go play with her now.

the most supreme wonderful bestest kitty... Millie

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mad at Mom

Mom left us alone yesterday.  

Her mom, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew all came over and then left us alone.  How dare they!  

We only got 5 minutes of play time before they deserted us. 


I'm pretending to ignore Mom
And when they came home, they all left again!  But Mom finally came back and put clean sheets on her bed before she jumped into it!  She was tired.  So we let her sleep a little late this morning.

I'm checking out Mom's new toe polish!
Sam is afraid she will leave again so he is glued to her foot.  Silly Sam.  Mom always comes back and plays with us.
I miss Mom when she's gone.

 Stay cool!
the ultimate queen bee who knows everything

Friday, August 2, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Did Someone Air Condition the Back Yard?

That's NOT a weed.....
Mom let us help exercise her knee in the back yard.  She pulled some weeds and watered some plants. 

I sat on Mom's lap to make her rest a bit.

I made sure she didn't fall and hurt herself.

Millie didn't wear sunscreen.  Oops.
Millie just went sun bathing.  Some help she was.

Sir Sam, the most grandest and noblest and bestest cat

Friday, July 12, 2013

Oh No! Sam ate a moth!

This afternoon, Sam played with a moth by the front door and then ate it!  Mom says it's too bad cause it gives him a tummy ache and then Mom has to clean it up.  Guess she'd better go fill up the salt holder!
I'm helping her knee get better!

Sam has been hogging Mom since she came home with her new knee.  But I sneak in every now and again and sit with her in her chair.  She sometimes sits with me when I eat.  

He even watches her work!
She fell off the couch last weekend.  She sits on the edge and dropped something that Sam would eat and then get sick.  So she reached for it and slid off.  But our cousin was getting married that night so she couldn't call her brother to come help cause he was with his son Craig trying to keep cousin Craig calm before the wedding.  Cousin Craig was afraid things would go wrong and it would go by so fast that he would forget his wedding.  Mom said he and Ashley were really cute.  Oh, back to the story, she did get up off the floor but it took her a while.

Hope everyone has a create weekend!

Monday, July 1, 2013

We're still here......Mom turned her computer off!

Well, at first we thought Mom was really really mad at Sam but she turned off her computer cause she went and got a new knee. 
That's a b.i.g scar!
While she was gone, a new friend named Nanny D came to visit us, play, feed and give Sam his shots.  She was nice to us and we like her a lot.  After mom came home, Nanny D still came to see us until mom got back on her feet.  She's wobbly on her feet and we try not to snicker too much. 
Uncle Alan and Aunt Marijan take the time to play with us.
Our uncle Alan and Marijan came to see us everyday once mom came home.  They brought medicine and groceries and helped mom with her ice machine.  It's c.o.l.d.  Uncle Alan likes to play with us too.  He likes the santa on a stick so we play with him.  Aunt Marijan pets us and talks to us. 

See?  Aunt Marijan loves me best!
Mom is getting better.  But she is cranky at night time.  There's this huge old noisy ugly knee machine that moves her knee all night long.  She can't sleep on her side and so she can't pet me correctly (oops, I nipped at her once or twice cause I was asleep and forgot she wasn't at her best - but she was trying.... sorry Mom). 

Watch out!  Uncle Alan and Mom are teasing each other again!  Take COVER NOW!!!!

Millie, the good cat....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is Springing

Mom let us escape again to the back yard.  It was nice out there until a certain male member of the family started chasing me and biting me and pulled out some hair.  Boy was Mom mad.  I went back in the house and stayed and told Mom to shut the back door and not let Sam in the house.

And she did too.
Her friend came by and they were trying to build something to help give some more shade in the backyard.  They couldn't finish 'cause Mom forgot to chop down one of the trees.   She says the neighbors trees are growing so much that it doesn't get sun anymore so it's ok to chop it down.  She's going to grandmom's house today to get her favorite tool.  The chain saw.   I stay inside when she plays with that toy.  And so does Sam. 

Mom says I'll like the new thing a whole bunch.... well, I'm sure I would if that Sam would behave!

See you soon,
Millie, the Queen of this house  (lol Mom says they call her the Queen of the Universe at work).  We're good....very good!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sam.... Trouble..... AGAIN

Mom let us escape to the back yard last week and Sam remembered he could poop outside and not have to go back inside.  Personally, I prefer the litter box - it's so much more civilized.

So Mom let us escape again this morning so she could do a little cleanup (she can't do much cause she has a funny ouch on her face - she says her name is FrankenMom for now? - she stayed home with us for a few days too!).  

Oh, back to the story, Sam didn't tell her he could open the gate and he didn't ask permission to escape from the backyard and hid under the truck.  Then he ran all the way to the front yard twice.  The 2nd time Mom says the dogs next door scared him but Sam's version is that HE scared the dogs....sure he did LOL.  

It was sprinkling so he was safe under the truck.  He finally came back in cause Mom was about to call her brother to come help. 

Thanks to Sam, we may n.e.v.e.r get to escape out to the backyard again.

Mille, the wonderful furbaby that minds Mom all the time.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Texas Independence Day!

Mom says it is Texas Independence Holiday today.  
March 2

Sam and I are Native Texans just like our mom!

We have to go celebrate now - we smell treats!

(...the good one)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Springtime is lost?

Uncle Craig is helping Jackson play the iPad piano
Mom says spring is hiding and just might be lost.  We think having Jackson here is making her downright silly.  All she does is talk about Jackson.   and how cute Jackson is, and what a good baby he is, and how Jackson is cute even when he is cranky. 

Grandma! You aren't moving me fast enough!

oh my.  I think maybe she's drinking soda again.  No more sugar for her.

Jackson has 2 Grandpa Alan's.  This is Mom's brother. He feeds us sometimes when she is gone or sick.
Jackson goes home next Saturday so maybe she will remember we are here all the time and we are only kidding when we say she never feeds us... um  no Sam, I'm not telling them she never feeds us because she feeds us twice a day.  You just like to eat, sleep and poop.  Ha Ha Ha that makes you like Jackson!  Baby Jackson and Baby Sam.  

Pssst - he IS kinda cute.....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mom is sick

Mom is sick.  She says we can't play on the computer so we are saying 'HELLO - HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY'.

She read us a funny story about a knee replacement.  We don't need knees.  We like our knees.  She said we will have a cat nanny come by for about 3 days this summer.  We are GROWN - we don't need no stinking nanny.

oh wait.  we need our food.  grumble grumble

talk more later 
Millie and Same

Monday, January 21, 2013

the VET

See?  I'm ready to go the vet tomorrow!  Millie just tells stories on me.

Oh yeah.  Right.  It's tomorrow Sam!  Mom will be chasing you all over the house in the morning. 

Note from Mom:  oops!  the iPhone camera lens must need to be cleaned..... 

Update:   Sam broke a zipper on his carrier and mom had to hold him to get him in the car.... and then the rascal escaped.  It was cold outside and mom spent 10 minutes trying to catch Sam.  Bad Sam.  Don't you agree?   Me? you ask about me?  I stayed in my carrier and behaved most of the time - well, I growled at the vet when I got my rabies shot.