Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

Christmas was fun for the cats.  They got to sleep, eat and nap in a quiet house all day.  They enjoyed their Christmas presents too and thank everyone for thinking about them!~

The only Christmas trees I put up anymore are the ones small enough to go somewhere where Sam or Millie can not jump up, play with nor destroy my glass ornaments.  So only 4 little trees were put up in safe places around the living & dining room and kitchen.  LOL.  They are so funny and curious when I bring out seasonal stuff.  Sam really doesn't like the snowman that is about 2.5 ft tall and lights up.  Normally he sits in front of the fireplace but I didn't bring him out this year.  I really miss not having Christmas at my house so there's not much reason to bring everything out.  

I got their new Beastie cat collars - they have some Christmas ones and some regular ones.  But I haven't put them on either of the cats yet.  Just in case you can't tell, the collar's on top belong to Millie.  Millie is doing fine even though Sam isn't wearing a bell right now.  She just watches and looks everywhere before she jumps on anything or goes prowling around the house.  Reminds me of a stalker but that's Sam's habit - he crouches down and you'd think he was in the trenches of dark mystery thriller about to grab the worst criminal in the world.

Yep - The Mouse with a bell on his tail IS on Millie's head!

Both Millie and Sam liked the little mice with bells on their tails they received for Christmas.  But Sam liked the fish better - I guess because they are larger and he can claw them better.  Millie likes to swat the mice around and sometimes I hold them up in the air so she can swat the mouse or try to catch the bell.  They are sooo funny to watch but I still think all play mice should be bright colors so I don't have heart failure when cleaning under the furniture and spot a mouse.  That is just NOT funny.

Sam with the Fish (to the right of his cheek)

They also got a gift card so I got a little nap bed for Sam.  He doesn't have one because he likes to sleep on the floor (or the couch or on my bed or in his cradle) but recently, he's been trying to get into one of Millie's beds (yes, she has multiples - 2 in the office and 1 in the bedroom - and yes again, she sleeps and plays on my bed too).  When I'm in the office, she uses the one under the desk by my feet.  So sweet.   Anyway, I keep trying to get Sam to get on his new bed..... well... so far there hasn't been much progress although he did walk across it once.  LOL.  He'd better get busy and claim it or Millie will have another napping spot!
Sam - that's the closest he gets to his new bed
Millie under the desk snoozing

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