Our Kinfolk

Here are our relatives.  We don't get to meet most of them because they don't like to travel either.  

Blondie, Dagwood and Petey came to our house but we had to stay in the master bedroom because our moms & dads were going out to eat Mexican food and didn't want us to get in trouble.  Imagine that!  They played with our toys because someone didn't remember that we don't share.  Oh well.  Live and learn. 

Dagwood - he lives in Arkansas 
Jojo and Dagwood are together now.  We miss them. 
Blondie lives in Arkansas when she isn't at our house playing with our catnip toy!

Sigh - This is Petey playing with another cat toy. He loves the Razorbacks!

Odie and Jubilee live very close by. They love the Dallas Cowboys. Odie tryed to swim but prefers running around in the country.  Jubilee is happy they moved to a new house and got a new Mom! Cousin Craig got merried (whatever that is but it made our Mom happy). 

We had some snow stuff and Jubilee ran around and around her new back yard trying to catch the white stuff.  She's sooo silly. 

Odie was attacked last year by another dog and never healed right. He's with Sam and Millie now. May 2017

Odie - newest rescue brother 

Jubilee is Odie's new rescue sister

Jack is an only child.  He is surely spoiled rotten (we aren't). He gets carried up and down the stairs.  Mom says he's a cutie pie ... for a dog that is.  We got to see him one time and thought he was a rabbit in our back yard.  He had fun running round and round and round but Mom wouldn't let us go play with him.


JoJo had his own cat door so he can play outside (Mom is mean and won't let us have one).  But he took his naps in the house and loved to follow Pap around the house.  He slept on his back (he doesn't know how funny that looks!) JoJo went to the rainbow place.  Mom says he is happy now that her Dad and JoJo are together again.
JoJo - right after his summer shave
Yes, they are awfully close to being Yankees but they aren't. But we would claim them anyway. They like Texas Longhorns (their Dad loves the Philly Eagles but we don't mention that because they can't help it he isn't a Southern gentleman .

Dave's cat

Jackson's puppy

Washington state cousin
This is mama's cousin Susan's kitty MeMe.  You can tell she's related to us because she likes to be behind the computer and she even likes boxes!  MeMe's mom likes to ride horseys and that's her new helmet box. We would like her a bunch.

MeMe at work

No...wait!  This is MeMe at work!