Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get away Mr Squirrel!!

Both Millie and Sam were diligently watching a squirrel.   It would walk around the top of the fence and occasionally it would climb down the fence and as soon as the kitties would start chattering, it would climb back up the fence.  Mr Squirrel got a lot of exercise that day.

This time, they watched Mr Squirrel for quite a while as I was puttering around the yard planting more snack food for Sam.  I noticed Millie jumped off the swing quickly and ran quietly over the bricks until she was near the gate.  She's a quiet huntress. Then I saw.... Mr Squirrel.  He tried to climb down the fence but Millie moved closer.  He decided not to tangle with the queen of the yard and ran up the fence, then slowly walked the top of the fence across the gate to the toof.  He was trying to move slowly so Millie didn't see him - silly squirrel - it must've been a male right?

So Mr Squirrel sits at the corner of the house on the roof.  Chattering.  All the while Millie is monitoring his movements.  I didn't feel like messing around with a splattered squirrel (he would not win the wrestle with Millie) so I threw rocks at him.  The first time I hit his tail and I was surprised that he didn't run.  I missed on the second throw but I got him with the third rock.  LOL.  He ran with lightning speed across the garage to the safety of the neighbors tree.  and stayed there.

Now, all's quiet in the yard and Millie goes back to work napping and sunning on the swing.

I wish she'd monitor Sam and keep him from snacking until the violas and pansies have established good root systems.

UPDATE:  Mr Squirrel is actually coming down the fence to steal nesting material from my hanging baskets.  I couldn't see it until I went to move some baskets to the garage during the cold weather. 

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