Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stole a Sweet Potato!

Mom tried to have a sweet potato for dinner but I stole it after she took a few bites.  

She took it away after I licked it all over.

BUT she doesn't have proof!  She didn't take a picture. 

She is eating popcorn instead.

Sam the sneaky hungry thief

Monday, January 16, 2017

Martin Luther King Day is Vet Torture Day

Mom gets a holiday for Martin Luther King's birthday. 

She was all happy to get a long weekend and even more happy when she got up this morning to give me my breakfast and shot (she forgot the shot) and then took a short nap. When she woke back up the sun was shining and it looked so nice outside.

I should've known. I saw her get the crate and put it on the couch. And she didn't forget the shot, she never gives me one before a vet visit. 

She fooled me.  Really, she did. I was napping on top of her chair and she picked me up and put me in the crate. Then, even worse, she took me to the garage and stuffed me in her car.  I didn't like that so I pooped and peed in the crate. 

I hid behind the bench Mom was sitting on while she talked to the dr about me. I only weigh 10.3 lbs now. I'm a handsome little devil! And the dr told her to get a sample of my pee but I peed it all out on our way over here.  LOL.    

She told Mom I was doing good and only have to get shots every 3 years now. Wonder why that made Mom happy? I'm the one that gets the shots and have to see that office cat Socretes that Mom likes to pet when I'm not looking. hisssssss

Happy Holiday if you got a day off!

Love Sam
The handsome devil

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year to ME!

Good morning!

I would promise to be good all year but that's not going to happen.

But I am good, I'm just still sick.

So when I pee and poop all over, it's cause I don't know I need to or I can't run fast enough to the litter box. 

Sometimes, when Mom is home, I scratch at the back door handle and she lets me go outside. I can pee and poop really good out there.  

But I don't like to stay out there very long any more.  It's not as fun since Millie isn't here for me to chase any more. 

But sometimes Mom grows pansies and violas cause she knows I like to snack on them.

So anyway, you have a good new year too!  From SAM, the mighty!