Monday, July 15, 2013

Did Someone Air Condition the Back Yard?

That's NOT a weed.....
Mom let us help exercise her knee in the back yard.  She pulled some weeds and watered some plants. 

I sat on Mom's lap to make her rest a bit.

I made sure she didn't fall and hurt herself.

Millie didn't wear sunscreen.  Oops.
Millie just went sun bathing.  Some help she was.

Sir Sam, the most grandest and noblest and bestest cat

Friday, July 12, 2013

Oh No! Sam ate a moth!

This afternoon, Sam played with a moth by the front door and then ate it!  Mom says it's too bad cause it gives him a tummy ache and then Mom has to clean it up.  Guess she'd better go fill up the salt holder!
I'm helping her knee get better!

Sam has been hogging Mom since she came home with her new knee.  But I sneak in every now and again and sit with her in her chair.  She sometimes sits with me when I eat.  

He even watches her work!
She fell off the couch last weekend.  She sits on the edge and dropped something that Sam would eat and then get sick.  So she reached for it and slid off.  But our cousin was getting married that night so she couldn't call her brother to come help cause he was with his son Craig trying to keep cousin Craig calm before the wedding.  Cousin Craig was afraid things would go wrong and it would go by so fast that he would forget his wedding.  Mom said he and Ashley were really cute.  Oh, back to the story, she did get up off the floor but it took her a while.

Hope everyone has a create weekend!

Monday, July 1, 2013

We're still here......Mom turned her computer off!

Well, at first we thought Mom was really really mad at Sam but she turned off her computer cause she went and got a new knee. 
That's a b.i.g scar!
While she was gone, a new friend named Nanny D came to visit us, play, feed and give Sam his shots.  She was nice to us and we like her a lot.  After mom came home, Nanny D still came to see us until mom got back on her feet.  She's wobbly on her feet and we try not to snicker too much. 
Uncle Alan and Aunt Marijan take the time to play with us.
Our uncle Alan and Marijan came to see us everyday once mom came home.  They brought medicine and groceries and helped mom with her ice machine.  It's c.o.l.d.  Uncle Alan likes to play with us too.  He likes the santa on a stick so we play with him.  Aunt Marijan pets us and talks to us. 

See?  Aunt Marijan loves me best!
Mom is getting better.  But she is cranky at night time.  There's this huge old noisy ugly knee machine that moves her knee all night long.  She can't sleep on her side and so she can't pet me correctly (oops, I nipped at her once or twice cause I was asleep and forgot she wasn't at her best - but she was trying.... sorry Mom). 

Watch out!  Uncle Alan and Mom are teasing each other again!  Take COVER NOW!!!!

Millie, the good cat....