Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Working in the Garden is Hard -Snacks Required

Sam loves violas and pansies.  He thinks they are the best snacks.  Sometimes, I can barely get them planted before Sam comes along and eats the flowers.  As you can see, Sam was soooo hungry that he even pulls a viola out of the part right after I planted it and before I could water it!  He was right behind me the whole time.   He must be worried about a deep freeze killing all the pansies before he can eat them all.

Sam also likes to inspect the garden garbage.  I can't say anything because as the story is told, I used to inspect the garbage as a little kid...mmmm I liked bisquits even then.

Now before you think (or continue to think) that Millie is an angel - well, she does her fair share of damage.  She does prefer grass and tries to eat any strand of grass that is taller than the surrounding grass.  But she's more dainty about it.  She's just started to realize that viola's and pansies are a treat but that is only because she hangs around with a bad influence (and I'm not referring to her human either).

Here's Millie guarding the garden - or is she really just looking for something to eat?

And  in case you were wondering, violas and pansies are not harmful to the kitties.  After all, they like to chase and eat mice, rats, spiders and other disgusting critters.  And the grass isn't harmful either since their human only uses organics that are pet safe - spoiled rotten little kitties.

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