Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Asking for Trouble

Sam, the King of the House, likes to think he runs the place.  He's really been pushing the line recently and Millie (aka the Queen of the House) is really getting perturbed.

Millie taking her afternoon nap

Millie is NOT happy

Sam had the nerve to sit by her on the window sill which was fine until she woke up (oops, I need a camera that makes NO noise). 

Dirty look is directed at Sam


Then after some hissing, she moved to the other side of the window and gave Sam the dirtiest look - so bad that I stayed in there for a little while.

He's at it again.....  Sam proceeds to take a place (where I usually sit) at Millie's other favorite napping area.  Well, after all, she needs more than 1 napping place.  Millie has about 6 favorite napping spots, that not really too many for a cat.

You think he would learn by now - but nooooo.
 Lucky for Sam that Millie already finished her nap here.  He was asleep until I snapped the photo.  I guess he thought he was going to get yelled at (just to get DOWN) so Sam moved lickity split off Millie's nap blanket and jumped off the cabinet.

Sam is living life dangerously.  He's been stalking another one of Millie's nap places.  But it is under my desk so he must contend with me and I run him off regardless of Millie being there nor not.  Silly Sam.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready for the Easter Parade AKA Cat Cabin Fever

Here's Millie all dressed up for Easter and no where to go!  You must admit she's cute. Even her Aunt Kim thinks she's pretty smart looking for a cat.

Sam declined to participate.   Silly Sam.

Monday, February 14, 2011

And Yet Another Snow Storm....

Well, all I can say is nooooooooooooooo.  Not again!   Record lows.  I've never seen the temperature so low.  And of course we get a few days of 'warm' weather in between the storms - 'warm' defined as above 50 in the winter time.   But that is Texas weather for ya.  Cycle between record lows and highs in a single week.
NO - Not more snow!
What first appeared to be Mr Squirrel taking a snowy walk proved later to be the snow/ice melting from the arbor.  I hope anyway.
Signs of Mr Squirrel?

Then there is Sam guarding the side yard just in case Mr Squirrel comes down the tree on the side of the house.  Sometimes Mr Squirrel uses the tree to get from the fence to the roof.  He then scrambles over the roof across the arbor then over the other side of the roof just to get to the tree on the other side.  From there, he uses another tree to get to the fence on the other side of the house and goes home.  Sometimes, I've caught Mr Squirrel on the tree near the kitchen window while using the kitchen sink (the window below is the bedroom window that is on the other side of the house from the kitchen).
Sam guarding the side yard against preditors

Now just look at this cozy pair.  In the middle of record low temperatures, the cats share a space other than my bed.  LOL  This didn't last very long once Millie realized how close Sam was getting.  She promptly moved to the other side of the window to guard the side yard and 'allowed' Sam to watch over the back yard. 
Cabin Fever Makes for Strange Bedfellows
 These are house cats with a few outdoor playtimes that are closely supervised (just in case Sam really figures how to climb a fence).  So how did they get cabin fever?  Sam was running back and forth in the house one night for most of the night.  The next morning, after a few more jogs, he fled to the garage as I was taking garbage into the garage, ran around the car and back in the house all before I even had a chance to yell at him.  Now I think, his escape ended quickly when he realized the concrete was too cold for a house cat.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cabin Fever Strikes Again

Ugh.  Ice.  And more ice.

So the great ice storm rears its ugly head.  It was difficult to sleep the night the sleet started as it was hitting the north windows hard.  The cats were having a hard time sleeping too.  Then I discovered an inch of ice on the bottom of the north windows.  WOW.  Followed closely by UGH.

So the cats wanted to go outside. After all, they got to go out on Saturday and Sunday when the weather was nice.  They watched while the patio was cleaned without offering to help.  The plants in pots really needed some water before the bad weather hit again so I took off the freeze protection from the outside faucet and watered a bit.  I did put the freeze protection back on... I think.  Back to the original thought about going outside - no way.  They whined a bit (LOL a LOT).   but it was too icy and too cold.  The wind chill got down below zero. 

So now we've had ice forever.. ok, well, it seems forever.  There were rolling blackouts of electricity and in some cases, gas pressure was so low it wasn't working either.  Luckily, we haven't had any issues yet.

I turned on the fireplace so I could lower the heat for house a bit.  Sam wanted to help light the fire but I managed to keep him away long enough to light the gas.  LOL then he laid out in front of the fireplace and took a nap.  I guess being nosy wears a cat out.

Sam napping by the fireplace
 Millie, on the other hand, was curled up on my bed by the pillow.  She was curled up tight and didn't get up for a long time.  She didn't find the fire for a long time and then wasn't really too interested it it. 
Millie watching the fire
I had to lower the new blinds in the master bathroom because the windows are so large and one of them faces north.  Neither Sam nor Millie liked that.  They watch over the back yard in case a stray cat or bird comes by.  And sometimes, Mr Squirrel comes in the back yard when he knows they are inside and he is safe.  It's hard to keep that room warm and the water lines are on the outside west wall so I don't like it to get too cold in there.  There's a small electric heater that I use in there when the temperature gets below freezing.

And now snow is coming to visit for a while.  It's still supposed to get warmish on Saturday and Sunday for the Super Bowl.  I sure hope so but then the plumbers are saying that's when you'll find out if you have frozen pipes.