Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little Cat Pleasures

It was sooo nice sitting on the couch with both cats beside me as they purred and purred and eventually put me to sleep.  And then the door bell rang.  It was the UPS man delivering Mom's Christmas present (chair for her counter that doesn't swivel and make her lose her balance).  I brought it in and decided to unbox it because Sam loves to play with boxes.

Mom's present was assembled with care - even though neither of the cats volunteered to help.  I'm assembling while Sam was investigating or napping in the box the rest of the evening.  I decided not to remove the box to the garage until the next day since Sam was having so much fun with the box and I knew Millie would play with it some as well. 

 Once the assembly was complete, Sam jumped up on the chair to claim it as his new throne - I didn't even try to tell him it wasn't staying at our house.  He used it off and on for the next few days as it enabled him to spy on Millie (as if he needed any extra help!)

So what did I find in the morning?  Styrofoam scattered all over the living room!  Now you ask, where did that come from?  Well, I forgot that Millie loves styrofoam and loves to tear it to shreds.  I heard her in the middle of the night but I thought the racket was from playing with the catnip rope thingy that hangs on one of the doors - she loves to play with that and wake me up.  So, yes, it was my own fault.  And boy is that stuff hard to clean up.  Later I even found a piece on the bed! It was on Sam's spot on my bed (yes he sleeps by me on the right side and Millie claims the whole left side of the bed) so now I'm beginning to wonder if Millie had some help or if Sam just 'happened' to walk by the mess and it clung to him.....hmmmmm.

  This doesn't show the big piece she drug out of the box and destroyed in the living room. She's not in the picture because she's like the stealth bomber - comes in quickly, unseen until it is too late - the damage is done.

Moral of the story:  Remove all styrofoam from the house IMMEDIATELY!  No matter how tired you are.... remove it!

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