Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mom Snuggles

Mom lets us snuggle with her in the winter.  If she's in the chair, Sam climbs up on top of the chair and Mom looks funny with her Sam hat on. 

She got me another snuggle nap bed.  I let Mom use the chair I'm not in.  Isn't that nice of me?  Sometimes, I even let her borrow my spot on the couch. 

She made us go to the vet.  I'm not proud to say that I turn into SheDevil when I go.  All that poking and prodding and shots and I don't like the cat at the vet.  Mom loves the cat at the vet and say's I'm jealous.  I'm NOT either.  That cat gets to run free and I have to stay in a cage. 

Sam had to stay so I got to spend some quality time with Mom.  SatanSam hissed and showed his fangs and it scared Mom.  The vet had to sedate Sam to get him examined.   She said the sleepy medicine Mom gave Sam before coming sometimes makes cats more anxious instead of calming them down.  Mom was not happy about that cause it took her a long time to shove that pill down Sam's throat - she said she got a week's worth of exercise!

Sam was only gone about 2 hours and I sure did enjoy it while he was gone.  Maybe Mom can take him back again soon so I can spend time with her since he is such a mama's boy. 

Gotta go as I hear Mom coming......

Love, Millie the queen of the castle and the best little kitty Mom has!