Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas from Millie

Peacefully watching Sam act silly as usual

Millie doesn't know what she's talking about.....

Merry Christmas says Sam
And Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mom can't write.....

Mom's daddy passed away so Sam and I are keeping her company.  She sleeps a lot and we take naps with her.   I purr a lot so she sleeps.

Her sister came over and they went through pictures.  They laughed and cried.  Her sister doesn't like us to get close to her so we just took care of our mom. 

Sam is behaving for now.

Her daddy was a veteran and was in WWII.  He has shrapnel in his back still.  Mom named the ugly gargoyle in the back yard after him - Jim Bob. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Black Friday Triathilon

We three did the Black Friday Triathilon the day after Thanksgiving.

Mom didn't have to work so she said we could race all day.  We ate, napped and lounged all day long.  Mom said pj's were optional for us since she wanted to wear her jeans.

Sam and I tied for first place because we practice so much.  Mom even let us watch tv all day long!  Well, we napped through most of it but we could have watched.

Mom won't let Sam help her eat her In-n-Out lunch!
Mom came in last because she doesn't practice at all.  Well, she likes to eat though but she doesn't know how to nap all day or just lounge around and do nothing.  She said something about that reminded her of after her surgery a few years ago and she didn't want to be stuck in a chair for so long again.  Silly mom.

Oh well, 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sleepy Mom

I tried to keep Sam from waking up Mom this morning to feed us.  It's not like Sam is really good about taking his insulin shots.... Mom knows that Sam will do anything to get food.  I watched once when Mom was really tired and she feed me and then went to give Sam his shot without putting his food down.  LOL  you should have heard him whining and backing up.  It was pretty funny but it made her realize she hadn't put his bowl down yet.  Once she put his bowl down, he ran right to it and started enhaling his supper.  He needs to slow down and enjoy his food. 

Sam tells everyone I nibble at Mom's arm in the mornings if she doesn't get up on time.  I only do that on work days.  Sam just doesn't get it.

Mom also says that our family is growing.  Baby Jackson finally decided to come out and he is a BIG boy or so Mom says. He lives in Merry Land and is NOT a yankee (Mom yells when she says that? )

And Craig is going to get married in the summer.  Mom says she likes to see Craig all happy and grinning like a guy in love.  She giggles when she sees their pictures.  And they just sent a save-the-date card - whatever that is.  But it made Mom happy so we are happy.  Maybe Craig needs to come over soon and explain it to Sam so Sam will behave.

Oh that's right.  Sam doesn't l.i.s.t.e.n


Sunday, November 18, 2012


Mom made us go outside this morning.  She knew it was cold out there and she made us go anyway.  Hmmpht!

Well, I stayed out there and watched a bluebird.  Sam went crazy running in and out and in and out and in and out.  He's been outside before.... what's the matter with him?
See my pretty coloring?  My eyes are gorgeous too!

After taking a gazillion pictures of me (I'm really that cute), Mom went inside to put on her real shoes.  So I went with her so she doesn't get lonely.  That Sam!  he ran inside too and almost knocked Mom down. 

She mumbled something about the fireplace and winter coming too soon and being glad she wasn't up visiting her brother 'cause it's in the 30's there.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sam did it again

Mom wanted to take some pictures of me this morning.   She forgot her camera was on the patio table from when she let us escape for some fun outside yesterday.   So she opened the backdoor to grab it

That Sam ran out the door.  And it's dark out there and wet too cause of the storm.   Mom had to go get him and she didn't have her shoes on.

I went out to check but stayed by the door like the good girl that I am.   I stayed dry but Sam got wet. Now he is whining like a baby.   Baby!  Men!  Mom says men are just that way!  Stinkers.  All of them

We get a new baby boy soon!   Mom says his name is Jackson and he will come see us in Feb.   he will live in Merryland, where ever that is    Mom says he's not a Yankee and then she laughs.

Well  see ya later,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sam is Sick Again

Sam is sick again so I haven't had time to write.  Mom stays busy cleaning up after him and washing and washing and washing.  But Sam did manage to knock over her salad dressing and got it all over the couch.  He doesn't get in trouble if he's been sick but that time was just Sam being silly.

I sneak food when she's not around but Sam hasn't learned that yet.  He needs to go to charm school.  Snicker snicker.  Wouldn't that be funny?  I wonder how many times he would flunk out?

And he scared me when I was trying to nap on Mom's bed after eating lunch one day.  I threw it all up but I was careful to lean over and not get it on her bed.  See?  I'm the good one. 

I'm trying to talk Mom into letting us outside today but she may not cause that Sam ran out the back door and out the garden gate when she went out to turn off the sprinkler last night.  What was he thinking?  She couldn't find him in the dark so she had to get a flashlight to find him under her car.  She wasn't very happy cause the acorns were falling from the tree next door and she was barefoot.  She doesn't have pads on her feet like we do. 

She let us out but we didn't want to stay out there.  Too noisy.

Have a nice Sunday!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mom's Yelling @ Charlie

Mom woke us up early this morning.  A couple of times.  Yelling at Charlie.  I don't see a Charlie.  She must mean Sam!

She was mad too.  I mean mad! and she WAS.NOT.YELLING.AT ME!

Oh, and she mumbled something about us telling you Happy Labor Day?  Well you'd better have one before she starts yelling again.   We have to go hide now.

Your new warning system - Millie and Sam

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mom is Working from Home Today

Mom is trying to work from home today.  I am behaving but Sam?  Well that is another story.

See? I'm napping away.  Well, of course I'm not typing and napping at the same time!  That would be dangerous.

Sam keeps wanting Mom to pet his tail so he walks around her chair.  Then he decided to take off his collar.  Yes, the collar with the bell so Mom knows where he is so she can try to catch him getting in trouble.  She put it back on him.

I moved out of her way when she had a conference call.  That's the polite thing to do for the person that pays for my food don't you agree?  I didn't want to keep purring and make her fall asleep!

She went out somewhere for lunch so I decided to take a lunch break too. Then I went on to my after lunch snack nap spot.  Mom washed my quilt this morning and it feels and smells good.  

Sam tried to get her lunch....again.  When will she ever learn?  She eats the french fries before she gets in the house but Sam smells the carbs on the sack.  He's goofy that way.

Well, it is time for me to take a long nap, Sam too.  Behave.  I know Mom and I will!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy Bees

We've been busy.   

We take lots of naps.  

We eat.  

We stalk mysterious critters.

We poop (Mom doesn't like that so much).  Sam "I learned to poop outside but Mom doesn't like that I stay around and watch the flies cause she thinks I might try to catch one and get all dirty before I go back inside..   And why does she roll her eyes like that?"

Sunday, July 22, 2012

All is Well

Aren't I pretty?

Sam is well.  He escaped out the front door when the plumber came.  And Mom didn't have on any shoes (there are lots and lots of acorns on the ground from the tree Mom hates because of the acorns!)  But she was grouchy because of not having hot water.  And the plumber fixed that right up and she said it only cost her an arm and half a leg.  She must keep those in the freezer in the garage where she keeps milk so she can drink her milk without Sam pestering her for a little bit.  If he gets some then so do I!
It is sooo H O T that I went under the potting bench to get cool.  I was outside at least 10 minutes.

His leg looks funny and he's started chasing me again and eating my food after I finish.  I wonder if it will start itching when the hair starts to grow back?

Hey, leave me alone.  I'm trying to take a nap.
He needs a spanking.

Hey Hedwig - Keep those birds away!
Good bye for now.  Have a great day and behave like I do!
Millie Queen of the Universe and everywhere else too

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Poor Baby...

Or that's what Mom calls Sam right now.   Sam is doing better.  I have reclaimed my Queen of the Universe status.  Sam is eating small bits of food - both can and dry food.  And he even ate a dried shrimp treat - that's his favorite but they are small and stinky.  yuck. 

Sam is feeling better and he's trying to go back to his normal routine.  Kinda of funny but he is trying and I can tell he feels a little better.  But he's not going to be the King any more!  He gets more petting but I'll put a stop to that because Mom likes me to purr her to sleep.

Sam pooped in the living room but it was easy to clean up - and at least it isn't diarrhea any more.  Mom was kinda glad about that.  She sure does like cleaning up poop and cleaning our litter boxes.  She brings us fresh litter all the time.  mumbles about it but she must like it because she does it a lot

I watched her try to give Sam his medicine.  now that was funny to see Sam growling and howling and trying to escape (well, really he couldn't because he is still so weak).   But it made Mom kinda grouchy - well, let's not pussyfoot around it - it DID make her grouchy.  I just snicker in silence and smile .......

THE Queen of the Universe and everything else

Friday, July 13, 2012

Handsome Kitty, Still Sick Kitty

Well, $1200.00 later and Sam is still sick.  But the good news is that he doesn't have anything really bad.  After picking him up from the Emergency clinic (he ate a little and slept a lot but watched what was going on around him too) where they gave him antibiotics and gave him fluids (fluids as in through the veins), I dropped him off at his vets. 

I had to laugh, he was mad (what a relief to see that!), he tried talking a little bit and wanted out of the carrier while I was driving.  

The vet called and said she gave him some more shots, his glucose was still a little high and he really didn't like taking the pills.  She had trouble with him and he was on a sedative!  She said he ate some there too.  Now we think he ate a spider or geiko or something like that.  So home we came.

He slowly got out of the carrier and went to lay down.  Got up and ate a little.  I tried to give him some of the sedative (YIKES!) and I crushed the bad pill and got some in him but not much.  He slept well, and ate some more.  So I was surprised when I got up that he came and stayed in the master bathroom while I showered.  He waited until I was ready to walk out of the bedroom and led me to the kitchen (why do cats think I'll forget where the kitchen is?)  He wanted some food.  He's eating both dry and canned right now.   

When I got home, he greeted me at the door and said he was hungry so I feed him again.  He's not pooping on the floor so I hope that is a good sign. 

The sad part?  I don't think Millie missed him. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sick Sam

Sam is staying overnight at the pet hospital.  I have to pick him up by 7am and take him to his regular vet. 

He hasn't been eating or drinking and just wants to sleep.  That's weird.  No Sam to greet me at the door telling me that he hasn't been fed in at least a week.  No Sam pestering Millie and eating her food after he terrifies her and makes her run away (that's when I don't sit by her while she eats).

Sam didn't say a word when I picked him up and put him in the carrier.  He didn't yell all the way to the hospital and he didn't yell when we got to the exam room.  He yelled when they tried to take his temperature though.

He has a fever but no infection.  His glucose is a little high 425.  His other blood counts are pretty good and nothing struck the vet as too unusual.  He wasn't dehydrated and his bladder was empty so he must have peed before we left.  He did poop on the way over but he's been pooping very little and it wasn't good poop or very much (well, people have good and bad poop too). 

So tonight, he is hooked up to fluids, they will check his blood sugar every 2-3 hours and see how it goes.  Then I pick him up between 7-8am and take him to his regular vet.  They will leave the catheter in case the vet wants to keep him on fluids or liquid meds.  Oh yes, she's giving him antibiotics too.  Gee, I hope he doesn't have to take any that I have to give him.  I don't think he's ever been sick but I guess as long as it is wrapped in food it will be ok.  He usually loves to eat.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sam = Trouble

Here he is after escaping from the house.  It took Mom about 30 minutes to catch him.  Boy was he in trouble (snicker..)

 Just look at him!  He's in MY spot. He's bad and he knows it!
 Too bad his head didn't get stuck in Mom's cup of eggnog. 
Now look how innocent he is pretending to be.  He's trying to act like he doesn't know why Mom is yelling about her lunch (she left it on the stove to cool down a little bit - doesn't she know better by now?)
And here I am.  Behaving. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Potential New Kitty Snack - NOOOOOOOO


Yesterday, I moved a tree rose that kept falling over regardless of how I tried to stake it.  I planted a tree hibiscus (yea yea yea I do see the problem with that) in it's place but it is taller and the trunk is fatter.  

So I went to move a small plant that didn't look well and the tree rose would look good there.  Only as I pulled the plant out, I discovered some little baby critters.  I think they are bunnies.  I know they are not snakes or birds or rats.  I was so startled that I covered them back up, dug a new hole for the little plant and crammed the tree rose in a pot on the patio.  I was really worried because the kitties were out and Sam had already chased something into the weedy area by the other rose and crepe myrtle.  

I put a clay pot over their home and used other stuff to keep it off the ground.  I left water nearby. And since they weren't up - I disturbed their nap - the kitties and I went inside.

This evening I went to check on them and they were trying to squirm out and they were eating the leaves of other plants nearby.  I refilled the water and put the plastic chair over their temporary home to give them more shade since it is supposed to be hot this week.  Of course, I had already taken a shower and was in my nightie when I did this - I'm sure you are wondering why I'm telling you this?  Well, in order to keep the kitties out of the back yard and trying to snack on the babies, I went out the garage and through the side gate.  I sure hope they grow up and leave before I forget....

The pictures aren't great but I didn't want to disturb them anymore than I already have!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mom's not happy today.  Her precious iPhone is not behaving to her satisfaction.  Will she squirt it with water like she does me?

She'll feel better if she comes and pets me.  and pets me.  and pets me some more until I purr away all her troubles.

They replaced her old hot freezing iPhone this morning.  And then made her mad because it is staticey because the phone company is upgrading their circuits to be 4 and lots of people are mad.  It will get better when they are done.  I think it is the 4-6 months she has to wait for them to be finished that is making her face all red and the funny words she uses!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why NOT to Paint with Cats.....

Well, primarily because one cat cannot tolerate being more than 7.5" away from me unless he is running or terrorizing Millie AND he was very upset when I left this morning as he wanted to come along.  Why did he want to come along?  Who knows?  But next time, as long as he gets in the carrier, I'll take him with me. 

I was just touching up a wall that had pictures on it (and it wasn't painted well to begin with).  I didn't even bother changing clothes.

But because I zigged when I should've zagged, I got a smudge of paint on my jeans.  Well, no big deal, I ripped them off and went to the sink and scrubbed and scrubbed and got the paint out.  As I was putting them in the washer, I realized some of the paint I removed from the jeans was now on the sink.  And it had the nerve to transfer to my favorite summer blouse.  Ekkk.   I can't get this out because it had enough time to dry.  They are both the in the washer right now.

And what does this have to do with Sam?  Well, he's the reason I zigged because after making him get down from the ladder with paint (yes, his tail is lightly painted now), he sat at the bottom of the ladder!  Millie just watched from her lounge chair in the library - I could see her snickering.