Friday, July 13, 2012

Handsome Kitty, Still Sick Kitty

Well, $1200.00 later and Sam is still sick.  But the good news is that he doesn't have anything really bad.  After picking him up from the Emergency clinic (he ate a little and slept a lot but watched what was going on around him too) where they gave him antibiotics and gave him fluids (fluids as in through the veins), I dropped him off at his vets. 

I had to laugh, he was mad (what a relief to see that!), he tried talking a little bit and wanted out of the carrier while I was driving.  

The vet called and said she gave him some more shots, his glucose was still a little high and he really didn't like taking the pills.  She had trouble with him and he was on a sedative!  She said he ate some there too.  Now we think he ate a spider or geiko or something like that.  So home we came.

He slowly got out of the carrier and went to lay down.  Got up and ate a little.  I tried to give him some of the sedative (YIKES!) and I crushed the bad pill and got some in him but not much.  He slept well, and ate some more.  So I was surprised when I got up that he came and stayed in the master bathroom while I showered.  He waited until I was ready to walk out of the bedroom and led me to the kitchen (why do cats think I'll forget where the kitchen is?)  He wanted some food.  He's eating both dry and canned right now.   

When I got home, he greeted me at the door and said he was hungry so I feed him again.  He's not pooping on the floor so I hope that is a good sign. 

The sad part?  I don't think Millie missed him. 

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  1. 1200 dollar vet bill for a cat D:

    You are a much better pet owner than I am.