Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sick Sam

Sam is staying overnight at the pet hospital.  I have to pick him up by 7am and take him to his regular vet. 

He hasn't been eating or drinking and just wants to sleep.  That's weird.  No Sam to greet me at the door telling me that he hasn't been fed in at least a week.  No Sam pestering Millie and eating her food after he terrifies her and makes her run away (that's when I don't sit by her while she eats).

Sam didn't say a word when I picked him up and put him in the carrier.  He didn't yell all the way to the hospital and he didn't yell when we got to the exam room.  He yelled when they tried to take his temperature though.

He has a fever but no infection.  His glucose is a little high 425.  His other blood counts are pretty good and nothing struck the vet as too unusual.  He wasn't dehydrated and his bladder was empty so he must have peed before we left.  He did poop on the way over but he's been pooping very little and it wasn't good poop or very much (well, people have good and bad poop too). 

So tonight, he is hooked up to fluids, they will check his blood sugar every 2-3 hours and see how it goes.  Then I pick him up between 7-8am and take him to his regular vet.  They will leave the catheter in case the vet wants to keep him on fluids or liquid meds.  Oh yes, she's giving him antibiotics too.  Gee, I hope he doesn't have to take any that I have to give him.  I don't think he's ever been sick but I guess as long as it is wrapped in food it will be ok.  He usually loves to eat.

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