Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sam did it again

Mom wanted to take some pictures of me this morning.   She forgot her camera was on the patio table from when she let us escape for some fun outside yesterday.   So she opened the backdoor to grab it

That Sam ran out the door.  And it's dark out there and wet too cause of the storm.   Mom had to go get him and she didn't have her shoes on.

I went out to check but stayed by the door like the good girl that I am.   I stayed dry but Sam got wet. Now he is whining like a baby.   Baby!  Men!  Mom says men are just that way!  Stinkers.  All of them

We get a new baby boy soon!   Mom says his name is Jackson and he will come see us in Feb.   he will live in Merryland, where ever that is    Mom says he's not a Yankee and then she laughs.

Well  see ya later,

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