Saturday, July 14, 2012

Poor Baby...

Or that's what Mom calls Sam right now.   Sam is doing better.  I have reclaimed my Queen of the Universe status.  Sam is eating small bits of food - both can and dry food.  And he even ate a dried shrimp treat - that's his favorite but they are small and stinky.  yuck. 

Sam is feeling better and he's trying to go back to his normal routine.  Kinda of funny but he is trying and I can tell he feels a little better.  But he's not going to be the King any more!  He gets more petting but I'll put a stop to that because Mom likes me to purr her to sleep.

Sam pooped in the living room but it was easy to clean up - and at least it isn't diarrhea any more.  Mom was kinda glad about that.  She sure does like cleaning up poop and cleaning our litter boxes.  She brings us fresh litter all the time.  mumbles about it but she must like it because she does it a lot

I watched her try to give Sam his medicine.  now that was funny to see Sam growling and howling and trying to escape (well, really he couldn't because he is still so weak).   But it made Mom kinda grouchy - well, let's not pussyfoot around it - it DID make her grouchy.  I just snicker in silence and smile .......

THE Queen of the Universe and everything else

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