Sunday, June 10, 2012

Potential New Kitty Snack - NOOOOOOOO


Yesterday, I moved a tree rose that kept falling over regardless of how I tried to stake it.  I planted a tree hibiscus (yea yea yea I do see the problem with that) in it's place but it is taller and the trunk is fatter.  

So I went to move a small plant that didn't look well and the tree rose would look good there.  Only as I pulled the plant out, I discovered some little baby critters.  I think they are bunnies.  I know they are not snakes or birds or rats.  I was so startled that I covered them back up, dug a new hole for the little plant and crammed the tree rose in a pot on the patio.  I was really worried because the kitties were out and Sam had already chased something into the weedy area by the other rose and crepe myrtle.  

I put a clay pot over their home and used other stuff to keep it off the ground.  I left water nearby. And since they weren't up - I disturbed their nap - the kitties and I went inside.

This evening I went to check on them and they were trying to squirm out and they were eating the leaves of other plants nearby.  I refilled the water and put the plastic chair over their temporary home to give them more shade since it is supposed to be hot this week.  Of course, I had already taken a shower and was in my nightie when I did this - I'm sure you are wondering why I'm telling you this?  Well, in order to keep the kitties out of the back yard and trying to snack on the babies, I went out the garage and through the side gate.  I sure hope they grow up and leave before I forget....

The pictures aren't great but I didn't want to disturb them anymore than I already have!

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