Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sleepy Mom

I tried to keep Sam from waking up Mom this morning to feed us.  It's not like Sam is really good about taking his insulin shots.... Mom knows that Sam will do anything to get food.  I watched once when Mom was really tired and she feed me and then went to give Sam his shot without putting his food down.  LOL  you should have heard him whining and backing up.  It was pretty funny but it made her realize she hadn't put his bowl down yet.  Once she put his bowl down, he ran right to it and started enhaling his supper.  He needs to slow down and enjoy his food. 

Sam tells everyone I nibble at Mom's arm in the mornings if she doesn't get up on time.  I only do that on work days.  Sam just doesn't get it.

Mom also says that our family is growing.  Baby Jackson finally decided to come out and he is a BIG boy or so Mom says. He lives in Merry Land and is NOT a yankee (Mom yells when she says that? )

And Craig is going to get married in the summer.  Mom says she likes to see Craig all happy and grinning like a guy in love.  She giggles when she sees their pictures.  And they just sent a save-the-date card - whatever that is.  But it made Mom happy so we are happy.  Maybe Craig needs to come over soon and explain it to Sam so Sam will behave.

Oh that's right.  Sam doesn't l.i.s.t.e.n


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