Sunday, July 22, 2012

All is Well

Aren't I pretty?

Sam is well.  He escaped out the front door when the plumber came.  And Mom didn't have on any shoes (there are lots and lots of acorns on the ground from the tree Mom hates because of the acorns!)  But she was grouchy because of not having hot water.  And the plumber fixed that right up and she said it only cost her an arm and half a leg.  She must keep those in the freezer in the garage where she keeps milk so she can drink her milk without Sam pestering her for a little bit.  If he gets some then so do I!
It is sooo H O T that I went under the potting bench to get cool.  I was outside at least 10 minutes.

His leg looks funny and he's started chasing me again and eating my food after I finish.  I wonder if it will start itching when the hair starts to grow back?

Hey, leave me alone.  I'm trying to take a nap.
He needs a spanking.

Hey Hedwig - Keep those birds away!
Good bye for now.  Have a great day and behave like I do!
Millie Queen of the Universe and everywhere else too

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