Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just Try to Make US Make New Years Resolutions!!!!

Well, it is a new year and what a great new year this is going to be!

Now it is true that I don't make new years resolutions because you can set goals any time of the year.  But it is appropriate that the kitties should learn to follow tradition right?  Wrong.   They both have a short list of resolutions but IF they listened, I sure can't tell.

For example - Leaving our Wonderful Human more room in the bed.  Well that hasn't worked out for sure.  You have to be a contortionist to get out of bed without disturbing at least 1 cat.  And they sure don't want to move when they are sleeping - and I swear they get heavier when they are sleeping.  And they let you know it by yelling a lot.  Getting back in bed can be just as interesting.

Or how about - Stop Throwing Out Litter in the Pan.  Sam gets very energetic when he's covering up his stuff in the litter box.  Sometimes I wonder if he forgets he's just digging a small hole for poop and he doesn't have to dig all the way to China to do it!  He could, should he ever want, help me dig holes for plants in the back yard (and probably faster than me with a shovel)..... but I don't think I'll be holding my breath on that one.

I Won't Pester You for Dairy Goodies - Well, I'm not sure now why I even bother to put this on their list.  Millie loves yogurt, ice cream, milk and egg nog.  Sam loves milk, yogurt and ice cream.  I swear they hear me get the milk out of the fridge and magically appear in the kitchen.  Or like Millie, she just waits until I get sleepy and just sticks her head in the glass to get hers.  LOL,  It's really funny to watch but it's irritating that I have to plot to drink milk.  When ice cream or yogurt is involved, they sit in front of me and watch the spoon waiting for the moment at the end when it might appear in front of them for their dessert. 

Poor kitties... you might think they are spoiled but really..... they are not spoiled.

They wish you a Happy New Year.  Their real wishes for me?  Requests of love:  more food, litter, play time and undisturbed naps).

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