Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dog Gone It!

 Oh no!  Mom went to look at a d.o.g yesterday.  She claims she's doing it for her brother.  She'd better be cause we chase dogs away!   Well, if they are family, we only chase them a little ... snicker snicker.  She did find me a new bed and we got some Halloween toys too!
 Mom says Paxton is cute and has soft hair.  Hey, I have soft hair that needs to be petted right now!  grumble Sometimes Sam plays too hard and my hair gets on the floor and Mom doesn't like it.
But Mom and her friend let us help them outside yesterday.  It was hot and they didn't any any luck cause we were busy checking the back yard for bunnies and it got so hot we waited at the back door to get inside.  They are trying to make shade and they made a mess.  They are good at that too!
Then Mom ran off to see her sister and brother-in-law cause they had Maddie with them.  Maddie is one of their new grand-kids.  She likes me.  Mom gave Maddie and her brother and sister pictures of Sam and I in our Halloween costumes.  Mom gave Maddie a box of Halloween goodies to share with Elijah and Emma.   Maddie has a bunny pet named Princess Fluffybutt (or something like that - hard to tell cause Mom giggled when she told us)  - sure glad Mom didn't let Maddie name me!
Gotta go snooze in my new bed.
Millie, the pretty Texan gal with really soft hair and a goofy brother

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