Sunday, February 24, 2013

Springtime is lost?

Uncle Craig is helping Jackson play the iPad piano
Mom says spring is hiding and just might be lost.  We think having Jackson here is making her downright silly.  All she does is talk about Jackson.   and how cute Jackson is, and what a good baby he is, and how Jackson is cute even when he is cranky. 

Grandma! You aren't moving me fast enough!

oh my.  I think maybe she's drinking soda again.  No more sugar for her.

Jackson has 2 Grandpa Alan's.  This is Mom's brother. He feeds us sometimes when she is gone or sick.
Jackson goes home next Saturday so maybe she will remember we are here all the time and we are only kidding when we say she never feeds us... um  no Sam, I'm not telling them she never feeds us because she feeds us twice a day.  You just like to eat, sleep and poop.  Ha Ha Ha that makes you like Jackson!  Baby Jackson and Baby Sam.  

Pssst - he IS kinda cute.....

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