Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is Springing

Mom let us escape again to the back yard.  It was nice out there until a certain male member of the family started chasing me and biting me and pulled out some hair.  Boy was Mom mad.  I went back in the house and stayed and told Mom to shut the back door and not let Sam in the house.

And she did too.
Her friend came by and they were trying to build something to help give some more shade in the backyard.  They couldn't finish 'cause Mom forgot to chop down one of the trees.   She says the neighbors trees are growing so much that it doesn't get sun anymore so it's ok to chop it down.  She's going to grandmom's house today to get her favorite tool.  The chain saw.   I stay inside when she plays with that toy.  And so does Sam. 

Mom says I'll like the new thing a whole bunch.... well, I'm sure I would if that Sam would behave!

See you soon,
Millie, the Queen of this house  (lol Mom says they call her the Queen of the Universe at work).  We're good....very good!

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