Monday, January 21, 2013

the VET

See?  I'm ready to go the vet tomorrow!  Millie just tells stories on me.

Oh yeah.  Right.  It's tomorrow Sam!  Mom will be chasing you all over the house in the morning. 

Note from Mom:  oops!  the iPhone camera lens must need to be cleaned..... 

Update:   Sam broke a zipper on his carrier and mom had to hold him to get him in the car.... and then the rascal escaped.  It was cold outside and mom spent 10 minutes trying to catch Sam.  Bad Sam.  Don't you agree?   Me? you ask about me?  I stayed in my carrier and behaved most of the time - well, I growled at the vet when I got my rabies shot.  

1 comment:

  1. Bad boy Sam!!! Mew should never efur scare the mom like that! I mean if mew gave her a heart attack, and she had to go stay at the vet's office while she got repaired, who would fed mew?!?! No one gives out the treats like the mom. Now be a good boy, k?