Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sam.... Trouble..... AGAIN

Mom let us escape to the back yard last week and Sam remembered he could poop outside and not have to go back inside.  Personally, I prefer the litter box - it's so much more civilized.

So Mom let us escape again this morning so she could do a little cleanup (she can't do much cause she has a funny ouch on her face - she says her name is FrankenMom for now? - she stayed home with us for a few days too!).  

Oh, back to the story, Sam didn't tell her he could open the gate and he didn't ask permission to escape from the backyard and hid under the truck.  Then he ran all the way to the front yard twice.  The 2nd time Mom says the dogs next door scared him but Sam's version is that HE scared the dogs....sure he did LOL.  

It was sprinkling so he was safe under the truck.  He finally came back in cause Mom was about to call her brother to come help. 

Thanks to Sam, we may n.e.v.e.r get to escape out to the backyard again.

Mille, the wonderful furbaby that minds Mom all the time.

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  1. Oh Millie! How terribly dreadful of Sam to ruin future adventures! What was he thinking?!?! I hope that he took notes so that he could tell you about it later when you are missing those adventures. Sam, Sam, Sam back to the litter box for you!