Friday, January 21, 2011

Sometimes, Even I'm a Scaredy Cat

Last night as I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed, I heard banging on the outside bedroom door - it's mostly glass.  Even though I was scared, I ran into the bedroom and saw a very anxious and pissed off Sam at the window.  I thought it was a person on the outside and instead of finding a phone to call 911 first, I tried to grab Sam away so he wouldn't get hurt by breaking glass. Given that I saw someone in the yard earlier that afternoon, I really was scared and assumed it was a person.  As I reached down, I realized it was a cat on the outside hissing and trying to get to Sam - he was really banging the door.  And he didn't quit after I yelled either. 

Scared me silly. 

I pulled the shear to cover the door after yelling (at the cat outside not Sam) and put a laundry basket on the cat lookout shelf (it's at the bottom of the door).  It wasn't quite large enough so I put a cardboard lid over the rest.  I was hoping if the other cat couldn't see Sam, it would go away.  Millie was watching from the safety of the bed but she had her ears and tail going full speed too. 

I was really worried that the glass was cracked since it was below freezing last night. 

And then, I got mad.  Not at the cat that was outside, but it's owners.  It was supposed to get down in the low 20's and I know cats can be outside but it's cruel to let cats out at night when it is that cold.  In the past, I've put an old blanket in one of the chairs on the patio for stray cats but we haven't had a stray cat in a few years.  And I'm afraid this one is just going to keep annoying Sam (and me; and Millie) if I put something on the patio.  The stray is just going to have to be happy with the covered swing cushions - there's an extra pillow so there's room to stay snuggled up without being exposed. 

Later that night, that cat came and started banging on the window (my bedroom windows go almost to the ground.  The sheers were already down, a planter in the window and the quilt rack in front of the window.  So Sam didn't even notice - he was sound asleep and curled up so tight against me that I couldn't have move if I wanted!  Even Millie was down at the end of the bed watching the bedroom door.

So this afternoon, I check the door from the outside for cracked glass, and there isn't any.  But I did see where Sam moved the cardboard lid aside a little and there's a little peep hole for him.  Guess I'd better put something larger there tonight.   We didn't see the cat in the back yard today so I'm hoping he doesn't bother us tonight. 

Moral of the story:  CALL 911 FIRST as guns (yes I have one but I never even gave it a thought) are too dangerous in a scary situation.

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