Tuesday, January 11, 2011

YES, It Does Snow in Texas

Texas weather - how to describe it?  It's either hot or cold.  Texas spring and fall last about 5-6 days in a good year - in a bad year, those seasons will be lucky to last 2 days.

Thus, it's no surprise that the first time I saw fall leaves floating leisurely was in Connecticut.  I started out the meeting facing the windows but after being lulled into a stupor watching the leaves fall, I moved to the other side of the conference room.  After all, I was there for meetings!  That was an interesting building, I also saw a wild turkey and a deer - they claimed there were other critters that came out on occasion but quite frankly, I'm happy to see animals in a zoo setting instead of an office setting.

Of course, after years of listening to the staff in the East complain when we took a rare 'snow' day, it was amusing to see how quickly they dispersed when a heavy snow came down and closed the office (we discovered later that they took quite a few snow days but chose not to tell anyone in Texas).  We were about the last to leave the office and were quite frankly, more than a little nervous about driving back to the hotel.  LOL, once the driver realized there wasn't any ice under the snow, we sped up and drove without any problems.  And later, after some of the staff moved to Texas, we laughed again after they complained that we didn't know how to drive in snow then promptly went out and wrecked on the ice.  It's not the snow, it's the ice UNDER the snow that causes all the problems.

So you are wondering by now how the above pertains to my Texas cats?  It's just that I think of the funny weather stories when it snows here.  And it snowed all day on Sunday.  At first, it was melting quickly but eventually piled up.  The weather station says we got 4" but I guess the first two inches must have melted.  Sam watched the snow from his perch in the office.

I wanted to go out in the back to shake the snow off the oleander as it was completely leaning over.  It's such a pretty shrub all year long - even when it isn't flowering.

So the cats, who had pretty bad cases of cabin fever, dashed out the door.   Millie ran straight to the brick border before she even noticed the snow.  Then she promptly hopped right up on the border and began the longer than usual journey to the patio swing.  Millie had to step in the snow once or twice because of plants leaning over the border but she made it. 

Millie taking the driest route to the swing.

The swing was too exposed and cold so she went underneath the oleander and tried eating some snow and grass.  She always thinks she needs to graze on any grass that is higher than the rest. 

Sam eventually got on the border and started walking but at the first plant obstruction, he decided to turn around and just perform his monitoring duties.  He does that very well. 
Sam, the outdoor monitor

I forgot Millie's location when I started knocking off the snow from the oleander so she startled me when she went dashing through the snow to the patio and straight to the back door.  She was really leaping too - it was funny - ok, well I thought it was funny anyway.  Sam, who was monitoring the outdoor activities, decided Millie had the right idea and ran to the door too.  So I let them back in the warm and toasty and dry house.

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