Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wiggle Nose

  Hi.  My name is Millie and I am writing today.  Sam thinks he's the special one because he gets a lot of attention but really! He is in TROUBLE all the time. 
Mom has to tackle him for the bloodletting ceremony.  She stabs his ears 3 times a day.  Mom gives him a little snack first but sometimes he escapes anyway.  I'm the good one.  

 When Mom gives me my special food, I eat it.  Course I make her turn the bowl around sometimes so the food is easier to reach and sometimes, I get in some good long pats.  I let her pet my tail when I take a short break from eating.  She sits by me so Sam doesn't come steal my food.  He tries all the time.

Mom laughs when his nose starts wiggling.  He raises his head and turns it until he finds the source of food.  Sometimes, it is Mom's food that he wants.  He loves it when she gets a burger cause he thinks the sack smells good and he thinks he may get a fry (she's picky about her fries so most of the time, she throws them away). 

I allow Mom to walk around the house without following her around like Sam does.  She tripped over him a few times because he wants his food N-O-W.  She's a good mom and doesn't get into too much trouble.  And she lets us go outside sometimes when she works in the back yard.  

It's Sam's fault that I gained weight and now I can't run away from him fast enough all the time.  So Mom hollers at him when he tries to wrestle me to show me he's the boss.  He is wrong...Mom is the boss.

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