Friday, March 30, 2012

Ma'am Did You Know You Were Speeding?

Well, of course I did.  I was driving in the area on the highway service road after coming off 45 minutes of driving 70 (yes the speed limit was 70).  It takes a few moments to slow down without slamming on the brakes right?   

Well, the funny thing is that with his laser, he caught me before I saw him and slowed down.  He showed me how far away the laser goes accurately (yes, I asked so I know -- no no not for next time either). 

He was very nice.  And of course, my license, insurance and car tag license and VIN were all scanned and the ticket was a very nice l.o.n.g printed out ticket with all kinds of instructions.  Lucky me, there was room for 6 violations but I just got 1.  ONE.  

So after finishing errands (yes, had to get cat food again), I went home and looked up the damage to my checkbook online.  As it turns out, the courthouse in Plano was not far away and they were open until 4:30.  So after printing off the deferred adjudication paperwork, off I went.  Hey, might as well get it over with, right?

Well, not only is the courthouse hard to find, I set off the security scanner.  Boy, did the security people come alive quickly!  And I said ' Oh that can't be good! and they said 'No it isn't'.  So as I turned around and extended my arms I remembered my elbow.  So I asked him (very politely) to check my left elbow near the scar as it is a titanium replacement.   That was it.  That set off the hand-held beeper.  And they told me it was a good thing because otherwise there was all kinds of paperwork to fill out.   Good grief.  I can go through airport security but at Lowe's (at Christmas time) and the Plano Courthouse, I set off the alarms.  

Oh but that isn't the end of the story.  My ticket wasn't in the system yet.  The clerk said sometimes it takes 24 hours before it shows up in their system.  Oh come on now.  If I got stopped 5 minutes after getting my ticket, the next officer would have known and probably would have given me a bunch of tickets (ok well maybe 6 citations on one ticket?).  Now that really made me mad.  It doesn't say that on the ticket, nor does the web site mention that little tiny detail.   Anyway, about the time I was ready to explode, she giggled and said, wait, he's entering them now.  If you wait about 10 minutes, it will transfer from his system to ours.  Well, gee whiz, no brainer, I waited.  

Now I won't bore you with all the funny things I saw while I was waiting.  LOL  but let me say there is plenty of free entertainment.  Anyway, they called me up to the front (and made the people in line mad but hey, I'd been waiting longer, I just wasn't in line (at their request)). 

So now, the ticket is paid, a compliment entered in the Plano PD web site (yes, they actually have a place for compliments!), my checkbook is hurting, and as long as I don't get another ticket in the US, this ticket will disappear into the mighty big data bank.  And, no, even though they say it won't show up, I don't believe that is true.  

Until the next adventure,  enjoy the weather!  

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