Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sam's In Trouble.....Again

The little rascal is escaping again.  The a/c heat people were out yesterday for the bi-annual checkup (it's my nephew's best friend - they grew up together so I've know him since they were both kids).  When they go up into the attic, I fold up the attic stairs so Sam doesn't jump up and try to get in the attic...again.  When he did that several years ago, I panicked as he freaked out and squished his little body back in the small part of the attic near the outside wall.  It took 30 minutes and lots of treats and even me going up there (shudder...sneeze!) and finally being able to grab him as he was howling and scared.  When the guys want to come back down, they let me know and I let the stairs down.  I usually can't herd him into another room and shut the door when there's something going on at the house.  

So as they were leaving and we were chit-chatting about his daughter (she's 2), Sam escapes between my legs and runs like the wind.  He goes down and gets under the truck (why do they do that?  does he think it's like a safe place?).  Anyway, the guys watch him so he doesn't escape farther (there are some mighty big dogs around) while I go get some treats.  When I dash back outside, Sam moved and was now under their van.  Treats worked.  Whew!

Where was Millie during all this disruption?  She was watching from the couch.  In fact, Blake mentioned he'd never seen her before (well, that's because she usually goes and hides). 

So later, I go get the mail, and he escapes again.  Darn it!  He usually never tries to go out the front door.  So I manage to get him - I was afraid if I went to get treats, he would disappear.  He's in sooo much trouble.

And Miss Millie?  Oh yes, she was watching and snickering from the couch again. 

Then this morning I was taking out the garbage and when I was coming back in and while the garage door is almost down, Sam escapes and gets out before the door shuts.  I swear it took forever for the garage door to raise so I could chase him.  Scared as I was, he was just walking under my SUV checking out the world.  I was really afraid the dogs next door (there are always rescue dogs there waiting for their new home and they are my alarm system) would start barking like crazy and Sam would get even more scared.  He and Millie don't like it when the dogs bark and they are safe in the back yard.  

This time, Millie was sound asleep and the noise did not interrupt her morning snooze.

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