Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Cat Antics

Here's Jo waiting patiently for Dad to come home.  He's such a sweet kitty but he may have to find a new home.  He's elderly too (15 years).  He's an indoor/outdoor cat and he wants to go outside but it's too hot and I only go over there once a day.  

Here's Millie helping me with Dad's paperwork.  Every now and again she gets the itch to come and help.  Which is ok as long as she doesn't decide she's being ignored and starts nipping at my hands.  LOL  She also likes to go behind the iMac and take a short snooze.

And here's Sam.  He won't play with his toy while I'm trying to take a picture.  Silly Sam.  The minute I set the iPhone down, he's playing with the toy.

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