Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fried Texas

Well, it's official.  Texas has fried.  It's still in the 100's at 9 and 10pm.  It doesn't even get below 80 at night time.  It was 111 at my house today and yesterday.  I'm tired of setting heat records.

I'm not complaining but the kitties are - loudly.  If I give in and open the patio door and survive the blast of heat, it's to watch Millie head out as if she's afraid she'll never ever be let out again and she heads straight for water (completely forgetting there are 3 water bowls in the house).  If the outdoor kitty bowl is dry - and it is unless I've just been out there watering - she sticks her head in the water bucket (and by the way, that water is HOT too).   Sam looks and takes his time before he goes slinking out all the while hoping the heat leaves before he gets his body all the way out the door.

Now early in the morning, they like to scout around and lie in the shade.  Sam comes back inside after about 10 minutes unless there is a critter that catches his attention.  Millie hides in the shade and hunts out new cool spots.  Now that we have to stop watering the grass, I'm afraid even early morning outdoor travels will have to stop because the grass will be dead and dry and hot.  

The window coverings in the master bathroom have been pulled down to keep out the heat and that irritates both cats.  Millie monitors the back yard during the afternoon while Sam prefers to guard the yard during the night.  LOL Millie loves to warm her belly in the sun.

I gave in and put up temporary curtains in the living room since the sun comes in during the heat of the day - those windows face west.  It helps keep the living room cool but it throws me off as I can't tell what time of day it is.  So I know why the kitties don't like having all the windows covered but we'll have to suffer for another month - well, at least I hope its not longer that that as I don't think any of us can take the heat that long.  

The roads are even starting to buckle from the heat!

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