Friday, August 5, 2011

Millie - Duchess of Decorating

It's 10 thousand degrees and we're in a drought and it's hard to create enough electricity to run all the air conditioners.  So in order to do my small part, I put up curtains - temporary curtains - in the west windows of the living room.  Millie is still deciding and hasn't given me her opinion although she's been walking around looking at them quite a bit.  I did leave some little peeking out the window space for Sam and Millie.  They are only closed from noon until dark when it gets under 100 every now and then. 

To make matters worse, the blinds in the master bathroom - it's on the west side too - are down all the time as they get more direct sunlight.  So it's hard for Millie to warm her little tummy in the afternoon - I know, I know, you'd think she'd have a sunburned belly by now - and Sam can't monitor the back yard activity late at night either.  Neither is very happy about that.

We need some rain and some clouds.

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