Thursday, February 9, 2012


Mr Head says "Sure was fun around here this morning"

 "Foil chewing is a popular midnight activity"

"Airplane plants make good kitty snacks"

"And it IS almost Valentines Day"

"Milly's in trouble, Milly's in trouble"

"I'm not a tattletail, I just record 'em as I see 'em"


  1. Your airplane plant is the same thing we call a ribbon plant! Millie, you have great taste!

    The ones my Mommy got for me were seasoned with dirt. I bet the water-flavored one are even better!

    I'm sorry you got in trouble, but those plants are impossible to resist, aren't they?

    your blog pal, Kaline

    1. Oops, I'm sorry I spelled your name wrong, Milly! (Mommy says that's like when he desk girl at my doctor calls me "kuh-LEEN." You are Milly with a Y. I'm Kaline like the baseball player!

      I'll spell better next time!