Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sam Update

I am doing so much better...see?  I don't like the blood letting (to test my glucose levels) so I try not to scratch Mom but I sure do growl a lot so she knows I  The insulin shots are ok because I don't feel them.

That Millie is just jealous.  She's eating canned food now too but she gets the plain ol' food and I get the special cans!  She's fat because she started eating my special food when the other vet said it was ok.  So now I can catch her when she runs from me.  Mom makes her exercise now because our new vet said she had to be tortured too.  Well, after all, Millie can exercise if I have to let Mom do the ear stabbing all the time!


  1. Hi Sam! So glad mew are doing better with the glucose thing. I have two brofur's who have diabetes and they get insulin shots too. BUT they don't have their ear blood tested....ew that would not be so fun. At all :( "She" takes them in from time to time and has a fructosomine test run. Coltrane is doing fine with his levels - been diabetic for 5 years now. But Crickett.....well "she's" still working on getting him leveled out. And like your house, we ALL get moist food now. But only Crickett and Coltrane get the special kitty food. I make sure though that I stay the most special ;) Purrs to you and Millie!!! And glad you are feeling much better!!!!

    Romeo, your new friend!

    1. Hey there Romeo! Thanks for stopping by to chat. The doctor lady says I'm almost good. They want to test my pee but I don't think Mom is going to like that. ha ha ha. Then I won't have to have my ear stabbed so much!

      Millie doesn't do her exercises - well, except for her eye lids.

  2. Hi Sam!

    Ew, I wouldn't want Mommy to pinch my ears either! My Aunt Azzie used to have to take medicine all the time. She actually asked Mommy or Papa to give her medicine. She said it made her feel good and it was chicken medicine so it was good. Any time I’ve had medicine or shots it hasn’t been good. Aunt Azzie was old. Maybe she was fenile?

    We get canned food for a treat. Mommy and Daddy call it Sunday Treat, so there should be more Sundays. Glad you’re doing better. Have Fun catching Millie!

    Your friend, Kaline
    Behind Orange Eyes

    1. Hi Kaline. You sound like you are having lots of fun. Mom doesn't leave her carbohydrates out any more because I can find them. She even drinks her milk from the fridge in the garage. I have a good nose!

      Thanks for stopping by.