Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Asking for Trouble

Sam, the King of the House, likes to think he runs the place.  He's really been pushing the line recently and Millie (aka the Queen of the House) is really getting perturbed.

Millie taking her afternoon nap

Millie is NOT happy

Sam had the nerve to sit by her on the window sill which was fine until she woke up (oops, I need a camera that makes NO noise). 

Dirty look is directed at Sam


Then after some hissing, she moved to the other side of the window and gave Sam the dirtiest look - so bad that I stayed in there for a little while.

He's at it again.....  Sam proceeds to take a place (where I usually sit) at Millie's other favorite napping area.  Well, after all, she needs more than 1 napping place.  Millie has about 6 favorite napping spots, that not really too many for a cat.

You think he would learn by now - but nooooo.
 Lucky for Sam that Millie already finished her nap here.  He was asleep until I snapped the photo.  I guess he thought he was going to get yelled at (just to get DOWN) so Sam moved lickity split off Millie's nap blanket and jumped off the cabinet.

Sam is living life dangerously.  He's been stalking another one of Millie's nap places.  But it is under my desk so he must contend with me and I run him off regardless of Millie being there nor not.  Silly Sam.

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