Monday, January 16, 2012

Diabetes Update and More Whinings

Butt on the end table checking to make sure it isn't HIS treat I'm eating!
 Sam, bless his little pea picking heart, and I are FINALLY getting into a routine of 3 glucose tests a day.  The trick?  Give him some canned food in a small bowl and tuck the bowl into a corner of the red chair.  Let him finish the treat and then, and only then, stab his ear!  
Wait! Is that the refrigerator I hear?

But the funny part is that Sam used to be a fairly quiet kitty.  Not any more.  He follows me into the kitchen all the time and he waits..  and watches.  If I go in the refrigerator, he starts howling for his can of food.  If he sees a spoon, he whines for his food.  If he is in another part of the house and hears the refrigerator door, he comes running and waits by his treat bowl.  And if it is time for a real treat (and the ear stab), he goes wild and stands up to grab the lower cabinet drawer.  And he just doesn't give up.  As I walk toward the red chair, he talks, and runs to the chair - even if all I'm doing is getting the stabber and the glucose meter ready.  He'll be all over the chair, jumping, and whining and jumping all over.  
And here he is taking a nap in the red chair.  I was sure he would never get back in the chair on his own.  But he naps there because it is Millie's favorite napping chair.  Sam also likes to get on top of the chair to preside over all the things that go on in the house.

Hey, that's MY chair !Moooom make him move!

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