Friday, December 23, 2011

Holidays Mean More Naps

I wonder if I should get a new A/C-Heat unit.  The kitties act as though it is 20 degrees in here.  They are all cuddled up (separately not together) and nap like there is no tomorrow. 

I like it warm inside.  As in barefeet warm - I admit I've taken to wearing spa socks inside because they feel so sooo good and as a side benefit, they are warm.  
I added 2 blankets to my bed and the kitties have their winter blankets as well.  And lately, they both cuddle up next to me during the night.  Until their breakfast time anyway. 
Sam moves from place to place to snooze.   Millie stays in the middle of my bed.  She can be quite vocal when I make her move so I can get in. 

Sam tried to sleep on top of the couch but the slick throw had him almost upside down and slowing falling to the cushion.  Of course I woke him up when I went to get the camera. Just like in the photo above.   Which by the way, he is responsible for all the strings under the bed.  I certainly do not go under the bed. 

Oh, I checked.  And it's 70 degrees in here.  Good thing we aren't going to have any of that snow stuff for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to Yall.

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