Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Ready for the Holidays

One of Millie's favorite pillows is her Christmas toy.  It has ribbons and a bell on it.  But a few nights ago was the first time I saw her moving the pillow so it was under her head.  She slepts on it at night but I didn't realize she was moving it around like I do!

Eggnog is sooo good (yes we drink the low fat kind)... Sam came around the back of the couch, down the arm of the couch and got a lick before I even knew he was there - I was watching tv.  See what happens around here when you don't pay enough attention!
It was also a good thing I was done!

Now you know why I have to hide when I'm drinking milk and eating yogurt.   And baking in the kitchen with milk is pretty tricky too!  It can get really noisy in here.

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  1. Our cats do the same thing, only with our dog's stuffed animal toys. Lol! Small world. :p