Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Finally Here!

Wow.  Well, Fall is officially here and the night temperatures are now below 80.  Now just what does that have to do with the cats?  It means lazy naps, crazy mouse/rat runs (aka wild and crazy jaunts in the house over and under everything) and the loud and persistent meows that mean 'Let me outside'.

Millie stands by the patio door and can make noises loud and long enough to drive me batty.  Sam likes it if I open a window but I have to monitor as I'm afraid one of these days, he will figure out the screens come out (just like their Uncle George when he was 3 - he escaped through a kitchen bay window before my sister realized it.  She caught him before he made the street). 

Milie goes wild on the bed sometimes.  All of a sudden there will be this racket and wild pouncing & scrambling while she grabs her favorite mouse or fish and shakes them until I think her little head is about to fall off.  Then she slings them on the floor.  Actually, they go pretty far if they don't hit the wall first. 

But more importantly, the fall makes them nap more during the day.  Then I don't see them much at all (well, if I hang around the food bowl it's a different story).

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