Thursday, June 2, 2011

5am Gardening Time is Here

It's hot enough that working in the yard needs to be done early in the morning when it is cool.  So we got up early and headed out back - no, I did not leave my pj's on.

It was nice and cool and almost everything has been  planted and the gazillion bags of mulch have been put out (but I need some more).  One pot had ants so it got the Raid treatment and I'll have to wait until tonight before I add new soil and then put a plant in it.

But the grass was wet so the cats go hopping along so their feed don't get wet.  And the birds were out singing to the cats.  Well, they could have been telling them to go back inside and leave us alone!

When I turned around after planting a few plants, I realized Millie and Sam were nowhere to be seen.  So after laying down the shovel with a little bit of panic, I found Millie stalking something under the oleander.  Sam was supervising from the stone walkway.  By the time I got the camera, she'd made herself quite comfortable in the plants under the oleander.

Sam preferred to hunt for breakfast.  again.  he just  loves violas and pansies.  There's one pot of violas left as the pansies have all died from the heat.  He's going to miss the violas when they die and that should be soon.  Can you find Sam?  He's stretching to reach the prime violas since he's eaten those close to the edge of the pot.  After breakfast and realizing the birds weren't going to get too close, he got so bored that he went back inside the house.  It wasn't even hot and he sure wasn't sweaty because he didn't do anything.

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